stethescope and documents

Liz Gunn interviews Dr Ratna who enlightened us some time back about payouts to parents of deceased (post-jab) children. They discuss the whys and wherefores, then proceed to cover the current NZ (and world) situation going forwards. One point of note, they have changed the definition of (those ever increasing) suicides to 'accidental death'. Now, those who have doubted those of us who are in disagreeance with the mainstream narrative, this should surely cause you to begin questioning. Why the need to change this definition? There are many more anomalies. Dr Ratna also covers the stats, just who is dying / injured etc post jab and questions NZ's post mortem procedures. She also has advice & info to offer as we move forwards, in light of what the WEF and Co are planning for the people of the planet.



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