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A total of 470 people have now been added to the Citizen’s Database. The database, which is maintained by Health Forum NZ has been sent to the police, but the public version has had identifying details of the dead removed.

“Prior versions of the complete database of deaths just after vaccination have been shown to Medsafe already,” says a spokesperson for NZDSOS. “They dismissed it.”

“As practicing doctors with many years at the heart of our communities, we can state categorically that the deaths we list, of predominantly younger people immediately or shortly after their shots, are due to the jabs until proven otherwise.”

The spokesperson says the Ministry of Health and drug regulator Medsafe continue to ignore that, in normal times, every single death would be “…quickly and thoroughly investigated in case society needed new information to inform its consent”.

“It is not compulsory to report side effects from Comirnaty like it is in some other countries. Even go-to ‘vaccinologist’ Dr. Pertousis-Harris urged the world before the roll-out: ‘…it is vital that robust pharmacovigilance and active surveillance systems are in place’,” says the spokesperson.

“Perhaps, then, she might explain why we have no coroner’s reports yet available for the three deaths (including a 13-year-old boy) that are listed by Medsafe – as probably caused by vaccine-induced myocarditis – and so many reported deaths are dismissed as ‘not enough information available’.”

NZDSOS also point to tens of thousands of serious side-effects caused by the jabs, “…with many sufferers claiming they are being kept invisible, or denigrated, or diminished, and refused exemptions or ACC cover”.

The spokesperson says: “If even only a handful of the deaths we have listed were caused by the jab, the shots must be stopped – and we challenge any caring person to make it through the accounts of temporally-related deaths without being affected, whatever the actual reasons these people suddenly and dramatically died.

“There are patterns that emerge from the entire database that could allege cover-ups, denial and deception. We are claiming the need for unbiased and timely investigations. Our young people especially deserve our best attention.

“These dead people and their remaining champions deserve nothing less.”

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