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The nutrient load of all foods have gone down significantly worldwide. We have to consume more food to get the same amount of nutrition, because the Aluminum toxicity decreases nutrient uptake.

Editor's Note: This goes a long way to explaining the greater incidence of obesity ... it's nothing like we ever observed 30-40 years ago ... for those of us who can remember back then. What a crime! ... TWNZ

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From Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington interviews PhD Whistleblower. Millions of Tons of toxic nano particles are being sprayed on us. I have been warning about this toxic contamination of our entire biosphere and the nano particle metals and Graphene oxide in the C19 vaccine and how this is part of the transhumanist control and depopulation agenda. I have shown urine metals tests after EDTA Chelation from my office that prove humans are contaminated with these toxic metals to an extreme degree.

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flooded Hawkes Bay NZ cyclone Gabrielle 2023

Are you getting the picture yet? This article from Clare Swinney at chemtrailsnorthnz surely must pose some very obvious questions for you. As also must this one. The technology clearly exists but is clearly not being used for the reasons you would expect …TWNZ

NewsTalkZB: Why Not Use Weather Modification Technology To Control Cyclones? Friday, 17 Feb, 2023

On Friday, Kerre Woodham, host of NewsTalkZB weekday morning shows, read an email from Clare on air about the evidence which shows that technology has existed to control cyclones for seven decades. Clare questioned why it isn’t being used now to stop them.


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