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17/2: The MSM tell us 6 people have died & more than 3K are ‘uncontactable’ … not accounted for in other words. And NZ’s major food production district has been decimated.

16/2: As Robert predicted, a sizeable quake last night centered at Paraparaumu, magnitude 6 apparently. I was outdoors & could hear the house shaking and rattling. And sadly there have been at least 3 lives lost in this flooding event, some folk still not accounted for either. If you are watching these videos you will have noted more storms are coming. EWR

8am Mon 13/2: For mainstream commentary:

6:26pm Saturday 11/2: The Mighty Geoengineers To Devastate NZ Again

We are keeping an eye out following this earlier post on the forecast cyclone ‘Gabrielle’. (Mainstream article here also).

Tracking from a different perspective to MS ‘News’. Some of us have noticed MSM is not reporting truth these days. (Did they ever?) You won’t find this info there anyway given the widespread denial of this topic (in spite of the abundant evidence if you choose to look for it). Either way we need to be prepared and certainly pray that it veers right & avoids NZ altogether.

For info on weather warfare see the geoengineering pages & sub pages @ this site (main menu) and/or search for geoengineering, weather modification and weather warfare in ‘categories’ drop down box, left hand side of the page. Follow this NZ site for more in depth info.

Below are updates from Robert Deutsch (he is at FB as per above link) and at YT as Rob D.

(NZ @ 10.59min) (Heads up Ak.)
(NZ @ 21.57min)

Photo: video screenshot

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