Dr Sam Bailey NZ

From Dr Sam Bailey @ drsambailey.com

If you’ve not come across NZ MD, Dr Sam Bailey yet, check out her website & video channels (link above). In short, true health is not found in a bottle of pharmaceutical pills as most of us have been trained to believe. Featured here is Dr Bailey’s book by the above name, actually originally by Dr Urlic Williams a former Whanganui MD and Surgeon who latterly trained in Naturopathy, eventually forsaking the former for the latter. Dr Bailey has brought his valuable guide to good health to us in a slightly modernized form. A must read. Note, in the short video at the link she also explains Terrain Therapy. TWNZ

Excerpt below from her description … the book titled ‘Terrain Therapy: How To Achieve Perfect Health Through Diet, Living Habits & Divine Thinking‘:

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