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The truth of what is happening in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne

Urgent Call for Safety in Hawkes Bay

Update From A Food Producer In Hawkes Bay

The following gut-wrenching report came to me in a voice message.

I believe strongly that the information should be made available to everyone while the identity of the person kept private.

I have therefore made a transcript and edited out bits that are at all personal

The reality on the ground in Hawkes Bay

Hey, how are you? Sorry, I haven’t really been in content. I’ve been trying to lay low.

From what I know there’s hundreds, hundreds dead the morgue – the morgue at the hospitals full.

There’s a morgue at the port that is reported to have about 100 bodies and I have spoken to someone I know that works at the port and he confirmed that.

But he also said it’s under army control and it’s classified.

So then I got a hold of a friend who’s in the army.

He’s actually been up in Gisborne. He’s due back here in Hawke’s Bay tonight, so I’m going to go and see him because he’s really cagey about what he says.

He said, ” I’ve been up in Gisborne and what I’ve seen there is worse than Afghanistan”.

So he’s been in the army 20 years, and he’s been to war and he said, this is worse.

My daughter’s boyfriend’s brother was working clearing a bridge yesterday. They were getting the slash up in he found a body. He recognized the hand, but the rest of the body is unrecognizable.

So I think that issue – and this is through talking with people I trust in Hawke’s Bay, not hearsay.

The issue was these bodies have been smashed by the slash. They have had downpours of water gushing past them. They’ve been beaten up and they’ve also been decomposing for six days in water and heat.

You can’t get a dental appointment in Hawke’s Bay because all the dentists are trying to use dental records to identify the bodies.

There is a group of 50 RSE workers (Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa – ed) that were working in the Esk valley that have all been taken out.

The forestry boys on recovery mission – so the forestry boys, the navy, obviously the police, Search and Rescue – everyone are picking up bodies off the beaches and off the forestry blocks because I can get to more remote areas.

Apparently, the 50 RSE workers, no one can identify them.

They all come over from the same island and they tend to be housed with the same people. And of course they won’t have dental records in New Zealand, and they don’t have their passports on them or their ID because they’re working in orchards and stuff, and they would have been asleep in bed.

So it’s hundreds – know it’s hundreds.

We’re hearing stories of people entombed in their rooms because they couldn’t get out.

It’s honestly it’s a war zone. It’s horrific.

Everyone I know sleeping with shotguns,

There are robberies going

There are people stealing generators. These people doing stand over tactics, these people scoping out houses – people like me, single moms living in the country and shit scared because they know we’ve normally got generators and we’ve got fuel and we have firearms. So the people in town are relatively safe because they don’t have anything left, like any cash that they had already gone. Any field that they had saved is gone. It’s like that here that are more targets now…..

I’ve had friends that were in a Mahu (?) where the river went through. They’ve all been yellow stickered.

Everything in their house has gone.

There’s bones from the cemetery. I went out to the cemetery today to check on …,-  she’s fine. Their plots fine. 

But I looked around the cemetery and cried because three quarters of that cemetery has been unearthed. Some of the recent burials, of course, just pop straight back up out of the ground, and some of the older graves as well.

So the whole cemetery just looks like a warzone. ….

…The crime is worse.

The numbers are hundreds, if not thouands. I’m just I’m just talking about what I know in Hawke’s Bay. That’s not the people way out where we can’t even get contact with.

And that’s not Wairua or or Gisborne or anywhere else.

Everyone’s getting really pissy here because we all know at least 11 people that have died so we know the numbers are much higher.

One of my other friends is a coronial (?). He delivers the bodies from here and he takes him down to the coroner. He has been doing three trips to Palmerston North a day since that morning.

And that’s just one of them – so that all of the all of the funeral homes have a person that does it in Hawke’s Bay. So that’s just one. so he’s constantly doing trips taking the bodies down, bringing them back.

None of us understand why they’re downplaying it so much.

Considering all the COVID relief there was and the fact that they had all the police (or fake police).

And I had locked down and there was heaps of food packages, and there was heaps of aid and there was heaps of help.

And now this is it’s all the locals cleaning up.

I haven’t fucking seen a police officer.

All the locals have stopped their own work and are helping everyone else which is amazing.

It’s amazing to see,

I haven’t like I’ve seen a few of the army on the road.

But it’s it’s that all the locals and people from out of town as well.

But yeah, we’re all getting frustrated. Everyone’s getting angry now.

I think the initial shock has worn off. and everyone’s tired and the adrenaline has stopped now……

This call-in to NewsTalkZB dates from 20 February


This was a text read out at the end

“I’m in rural Hawke’s Bay.

I have not seen or heard from one Civil Defense person. Our road is back in and the scum are cruising around like sharks.

My thoughts are that this government wants people out of the rural areas and into towns and the whole freaking rural country can go into pine trees. I can tell you as one pissed off rural person that is not going to happen.

There has been so much politicisation of this tragedy and we won’t be forgetting it as another caller said during COVID.

They were all over the country like a rash,vigilante groups are rallying”

Another message from Hawkes Bay


See the article below.

Finally, there is this report from a few days ago


20 February, 2023

The pilot spoke to a contact of DTNZ on condition of anonymity.

He told our contact the rivers and flooded areas were ‘littered with bodies floating in the water’ and that these were New Zealand’s ‘darkest days.’

‘I’ve seen hundreds of dead bodies’, he said.

New Zealand’s foreign owned and government-funded legacy mainstream media put the current death toll at 11, although ‘thousands are still unaccounted for.’

After initially refusing international offers for help, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins is now accepting them. A National State of Emergency has been declared – for only the third time in New Zealand’s history. Hipkins said Gabrielle was the biggest natural disaster in New Zealand ‘this century’.

Meanwhile looting of Hawke’s Bay properties continues. DTNZ has been contacted by a number of residents who say they’ve been burgled while their houses and surrounded buildings are unoccupied. Yesterday police said they had conducted ‘2,208 reassurance patrols to keep people and property safe’ in the province since 14 February.


DTNZ has been contacted by a reader who provided irrefutable evidence Facebook posts critical of the government and PM Hipkins were being shadow-banned by the American social media network. Posts praising Hipkins appeared normal.

Many social media users were concerned the government and legacy mainstream media were suppressing information about the death toll and instances of organised crime looting and threatening to kill Hawke’s Bay residents.

Police warn residents against action after looting and people using firearms for protection risk facing criminal charges.

What will they do with the gang members threatening the public?

Melanie Petrowski from Napier has been trying to do some factchecking

floods in nz3


We are getting countless reports that the death toll is beyond 11 in the Hawke’s Bay region.

We certainly don’t want to add to what MSM calls mis and disinformation, but we do have questions.

Melanie Petrowski made some calls today to the morgues, and the responses she got are in direct conflict with what Tim Baker said on the ground, who said his police contacts said the same morgues were over run.

The information Melanie received was that the morgues are practically empty.

She has spoken to us in the past & was a guest speaker at our Napier event, so we know she is a legitimate person also simply wanting the truth.

Eight days after the cyclone hit, police say only 400 remain on the uncontactable list, and they have no information to suggest they need to be looking for bodies.

If you have any more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On-the-ground community groups just do what needs to be done without bureaucracy or nonsense like this.

No volunteering without a COVID test

 We have just been advised that as of tomorrow (Thursday, 23rd February), all volunteers working at the distribution hub (A&P Showgrounds), will now need to COMPLETE A RAT TEST, (all shifts) as you enter the showgrounds.
Please now report to the KENILWORTH ROAD entrance of the showground to begin your shift.

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