If you have not realised it, the Looneys are running the country.

So, New Zealand is locked into trying to achieve near-impossible methane emission-reduction targets by 2030 that threaten to gut New Zealand farming while turning the country into one large monoculture pine plantation.

To achieve its methane emissions goals, the Government has produced a big stick to threaten farmers to get in behind. The big stick is a methane tax, popularly known as the "Fart Tax", to be introduced in three years. While this proposed tax sounds bad enough, is there something more sinister behind this tax than just meeting the emission goals of UN Agenda 2030? I think so, and it is to introduce unimpeded genetic engineering for plants, animals and humans. Bear in mind the WEF's plans for the 4th Industrial Revolution, including transhumanism, which help explain why there is so much intentional chaos these days and why farming is a prime target by the globalist technocrats for destruction before rebuilding).


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