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VFF Jack Tame A Tale Of Uninformed Consent Censorship
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Alia here with a Sunday afternoon rant!
I'm so thrilled that prominent NZ news show host, Jack Tame, recently expressed a keen interest in informed consent
(If you're not sure what I'm talking about you can check out the news piece here, it concerned Jack's interrogation of Labour Minister Shane Reti's recent ambulance riding and patients informed consent to the same.)
A New Study & Informed Consent
A new study, actively looking for markers of heart damage following a certain injection, has found that one in 35 - let's say that again to let it really sink in - one in 35 people had elevated troponin levels in the days following their injection (a signal of potential heart damage).
Fortunately for the participants, they were advised of the elevation as a part of the study and were warned to avoid exercise to reduce the potential for further damage.
When I saw this, my mind immediately went to Jack's interview with Shane Reti last week. With Jack's newfound interest in informed consent this story should be headline news, right?
Back to the study: due to the warning participants received, there were no further developments of myocarditis, or other severe cardiac effects.

Which made me reflect on what happened here in New Zealand since the Covid jab rollout…
🫀 Did Kiwis receive such testing or warnings?
🫀 Were people advised of the risks at all?
🫀 When patients in New Zealand presented with clear signs of cardiac trouble, were they treated with the urgency and seriousness that is warranted by such symptoms?
No, no, and no.
I have lost count of the number of people we have spoken with who experienced pain, shortness of breath, irregular heart beats, racing hearts, etc., over the last couple of years following the you-know-what.
The most common response from the medical system was to diagnose anxiety. Nice. 
Cardiologist appointments and specialist testing can take many, many months.
I expect Jack will be all over this one and will be inviting those responsible for providing guidance for informed consent practices here in New Zealand onto his show to explain - ASAP!
And This Is Why We Need Freedom Of Speech..
We currently face a move in New Zealand by the Government to introduce“Safer Online Services" aka online censorship laws ostensibly to protect Kiwis from harm, misinformation and the like from organisations like ours who have a relatively large platform and audience.
In a page right out of George Orwell’s 1984, the Government’s “Ministry Of Truth” will oversee the creation of various codes dictating what content media platforms can and can’t share online.
We have already faced heavy censorship at VFF since we began in December 2020 and if the government had had its way organisations like VFF and RCR would have been silenced already.
VFF 2 Jack Tame A Tale Of Uninformed Consent Censorshipl
We raised these issues of cardiac harm before the rollout in NZ even happened and were ridiculed, shut down, and labelled with the most horrendous names by the media, government officials, and experts.
We have had numerous slanderous documentaries made about us and not once were we asked for comment.
Trolls have published our home addresses online, we've had all manner of threats - some hand delivered to our home mailboxes, and we've experienced hate within our circles and communities.
Yet, we kept going because....
👏We. 👏Were. 👏Right.
To say I am frustrated about the needless harm that has occurred to trusting Kiwis is an understatement. I am furious.
The people who misled the public to push these products despite an avalanche of damning research is nothing short of criminal.

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