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TruthWatchNZ is a sister site to EnviroWatchRangitikei. 

A big thank you to three long time readers & friends, Kim Hampson, Kaye and Dale,  who donated generously some time ago to the Rangitikei site: since EWR carried no cost save my time, those funds were very useful for the setting up of TWNZ. A thank you also to Rose, a friend and long time inspiration to spread truth no matter what... also to all of you who regularly read & encourage with your comments. Some for years and years. It would take too long to name you all.

So appreciated....

The primary focus of TWNZ is current health issues, and a few others that will relate to your well being. In particular at this time in history, is the rollout of the covid-19 experimental injection. Please do browse our pages and categories to educate yourself on theassociated risks that have been highlighted by independent professionals including MDs and scientists regarding this jab. We aim to arm you with important information in order to keep you fully informed about your choices.

A note about searching. It seems if you are looking for a particular article like the one on 'suicides', it is best to use advanced search (top menu bar) think of one or two words you know to be in the title, and click the 'articles' box. That seems to work best. A login form is coming soon.

Any feedback for tweaks & adjustments, size of text, anything ...  are welcomed. 

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