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An article Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Bivalent Vaccine has been published in the journal Open Forum of Infectious Diseases in their June 2023 issue. The study of 51,107 healthcare employees found that the bivalent vaccine was only a miserly 29% effective against the BA4/5 Covid variant which was in any case superseded by the BQ variant after which vaccine effectiveness dropped to 20%, and then, when the XBB variant began to dominate, effectiveness fell to zero. Yes zero, but not actually nothing; incredibly, repeated vaccination makes things worse.

This should be a familiar story. For decades, Coronaviruses have been well known to rapidly mutate and avoid vaccine protection. The fact that our government has launched an expensive promotional campaign to promote the bivalent vaccine, when it is proven to have zero effectiveness against the currently dominant XBB strain, speaks volumes about their incompetence.

But it is another finding of the study that is actually of far greater concern. The authors note:

“The risk of COVID-19 also increased with time since the most recent prior COVID-19 episode and with the number of vaccine doses previously received….The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of contracting COVID-19”

The authors describe this finding as ‘unexpected’, but then go on to admit three other large studies have found similar results (see herehere, and here).

The inescapable conclusion:

mRNA Covid vaccines increase your risk of contracting Covid 19.

This substantiates those arguing that Covid vaccines ‘imprint’ the immune system and limit its flexibility to deal with infection. In simple terms, the immune system becomes stuck with not just an ineffective response, but it steps backwards. In technical terms, the authors conclude:

“Immune imprinting from prior exposure to different antigens in a prior vaccine and class switch toward noninflammatory spike-specific immunoglobulin G4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination have been suggested as possible mechanisms whereby prior vaccine may provide less protection than expected….it is important to examine whether multiple vaccine doses given over time may not be having the beneficial effect that is generally assumed….The unexpected finding of increasing risk with increasing number of prior COVID-19 vaccine doses needs further study.”

You might think that this is the fact which governments and pharmaceutical firms most want to hide from the public, but you would be wrong. Quietly vaccine adverse effects have been piling up, hospitalisations increasing, and excess deaths rising. All at unprecedented record levels, but even this is not the most carefully hidden dirty secret. People have, after all, been figuring this out for themselves. Fewer and fewer people are taking the boosters because they obviously don’t prevent Covid infection. More and more people have been asking probing questions of their GP, because they don’t feel well.

The Biggest Secret Being Kept From the Public is the Use of Biotechnology Itself

Remember at the start of the vaccine programme, the government, pro-vaccine scientists and experts, the health department, the fact checkers, WHO, big pharma fact sheets and the media all took great pains to tell the public this was NOT an experimental vaccine. This was the biggest lie of all in need of near total protection from exposure.

It was important to everyone who sought to profit from the pandemic and the vaccines that biotech medicine should be seen as an extension of existing medicine. It isn’t.

When physics began to penetrate the nucleus of the atom, it was more than an extension of previous physics. The laws, the energy levels, the potential instability, and the nuclear particles all functioned under rules structurally different from those of earlier physics. Rules so different that the potential destructive outcomes dwarfed any previous man-made cataclysm. Since that time, nuclear technology has had to be guarded more carefully than any previous technology. The longevity and carcinogenic properties of nuclear waste and the threat of global annihilation have cast a shadow tens of thousands of years into the future.

mRNA vaccines penetrated, not the nucleus of the atom, but the cell wall and its nucleus—the very basis of life. mRNA and adenovirus vaccines are not mere extensions of modern medicine, they aim to redesign the cellular operation. Life begins with a single cell. The truly miraculous stability of human physiology and psychology was set to be altered.

It was already known that such interventions were mutagenic and highly risky, but against all common sense a decision was taken to press the launch button, not in a contained laboratory but in every country simultaneously altering every human life on the planet. It was essential for those seeking to profit from the new biotech era they have initiated, and remains essential, that the public should not know of the risks or the extreme novelty of what is being undertaken.

An analogy should make this clear. When a foreign power is seeking to insert their spy into the heart of a rival’s intelligence service, it is a time of the greatest sensitivity. No one must know what is being attempted. This action is going to place them in a position of superiority, and render their opponent’s intelligence ineffective. Until their mole is established, fully accepted, and above suspicion, it is vital that no one should suspect them.

Biotechnology medicine is a field that is conceived as a source of vast almost unimaginable profits. A field that will supersede much of conventional medicine and render it obsolete. The United States, UK and many other nations believe that their long term economic future and global superiority is intimately tied to the development, implementation, and promotion of patented systems of biotechnology medicine. A lot is at stake. Hence no one must know just how premature its implementation is and just how risky.

Biotechnology is a step far into the unknown, way too far. Scientists do not actually know how cellular genetic structures and functions support human consciousness, health, and development, yet they have been prepared to risk all this in a global spin of the roulette wheel. The ball has already come to rest on the wrong colour, but it is essential that no one knows, because like hopelessly addicted gamblers, the same scientists, corporations, and misinformed political hacks wish to spin the wheel again,…and again, ….because they are blinded by their own hubris, convinced that in the end they will win back their losses. But you cannot recoup human life.

Next time you read in the paper about the wonderful future of biotechnology, spare a thought for the cautious scientists who have found that mRNA vaccines are not just ineffective, they make things worse. They are gradually finding out just how terribly bad it could become. Biotechnology experimentation needs to be banned, the evidence is available now, the dirty secret is out of the bag.



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