Jacinda Ardern NZ PM

If you patiently search this topic (ie Ardern's infamous UN speech) ... I say patiently because, in case you'd not noticed Google has carefully ensured you get the Wiki spiel first along with any conspiracy theory warnings next, and anything of truthful content will be several pages later. Better to search on the alternative video channels, the likes of Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, Brighteon and so on. I've encountered at least three commentaries now on Ardern's description of  'free speech' as being a weapon of war, all shocked and horrified at what she had to say. All whilst pretending that she honours free speech. Tyranny is rising folks. Meanwhile we have an estimated 20 million dead from the jab and the NZ govt continues to deny it and continues to push it (the jab ie). We're witnessing democide... and sadly some are not hearing still. TWNZ

From GB News at Bitchute

"‘She’s nothing less than dangerous.’

Neil Oliver speaks to Dan Wootton about whether Jacinda Ardern has become the acceptable face of tyranny."



Photo: Hatchardreport.com

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