The members of NZDSOS have been accused of being anti-vaxxers since our first letter in support of the court action against the provisional approval of the Comirnaty injections. It was thus with a mixture of anger and dismay along with a sense of vindication that we read of the actual advice from Medsafe to the government. This advice looks like it came from anti-vaxxers.

Not only have the public been lied to, but doctors who voiced the same concerns as Medsafe did, have been investigated, silenced through conditions on their licenses of by signing ‘voluntary undertakings’, suspended, sent to “re-education” and/or sent to the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.


Medsafe did not deem Comirnaty “safe and effective” and advised against its authorisation. Does urging caution, not make Medsafe anti-vaxxers? Indeed, for highlighting the same concerns, NZDSOS have been labelled anti-vaxxers.

We encourage you to read the full substack outlining the sequence of events and correspondence between Mr Chris James, the Group Dr. Manager of Medsafe, Ashley Bloomfield, the then Director-General of Health, Pfizer Australia and the anonymous Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee (MAAC).

A brief summary for those who need bullet-points

  • Medsafe declined to approve Comirnaty and sent the application to MAAC.
  • MAAC then instructed Mr James of Medsafe to provisionally approve Comirnaty – “you are therefore asked to sign the attached letter to the applicant company to advise them of the outcome of the MAAC recommendation.”
  • Medsafe advised Pfizer that its product was provisionally approved
  • Cabinet approved the start of the immunisation program
  • Dr Bloomfield advised against mandatory vaccination
  • The government mandated “vaccination”
  • Mr Grant Robertsone, who authorised payment to Pfizer, stated that “Medsafe provides independent advice to the Government” and “that the Pfizer vaccine has been tested and was safe and effective”
  • Mr James later stated that “Medsafe did not provide any briefings to the Hon Grant Robertson on Covid-19 vaccines”

Medsafe vs NZDSOS Who Are the Lying Anti Vaxxers NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Walter Scott in Marmion

MAAC Don’t Want to be Questioned, They Hide Instead

So, who exactly made the recommendations to the Minister, via their instructions to Medsafe?

MAAC is a technical committee that advises the Health Ministry on the “risk-benefit profile” of new medicines under section 22(2) of the Medicines Act 1981. This section states that “If, after complying with subsection (1), the Minister is not satisfied that he should give his consent to the distribution of the medicine, he shall refer the matter to the appropriate committee, which shall consider the matter, and shall report on it to the Minister with a recommendation as to the decision that the Minister should make.”

Since the outbreak of covid, MAAC has kept the identity of its members secret, ostensibly to prevent them being harassed. Is this because they know they were deceiving the country in requiring Medsafe to provisionally authorise Comirnaty?

Quotes from “Anti-Vaxxers”

Here we highlight comments by the “authorities” (bile yellow) as per Cranmer’s substack and compare them to comments we have made in our letters (teal). The similarities are easy to see while at the same time they expose the lies subsequently told by Mr James and Dr Bloomfield. Yet, NZDSOS were labelled anti-vaxxers and Medsafe were labelled as heroes.

On Safe and Effective

“The duration of the vaccine protection has not been established beyond two months.”

“At this stage, there is limited evidence of protection against severe disease.”

“Vaccine prevention of asymptomatic infection and disease transmission has not been established.”

The covid vaccinations do little to prevent covid in the individual, nothing to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, may worsen the disease in those vaccinated, contribute to new variants, and are causing unprecedented harm to New Zealanders.

Congratulations Hipkins – Now It’s Time to Restore and Regenerate our Country and Stop the Covid-19 Vaccines – 1 Feb 2023

It is clear that these injections do not limit the spread of Covid.

Letter to Margie Apa, Ceo, Te Whatu Ora – 20 Oct 2022

Our assessment of emerging data from research, and evidence released by public health
authorities themselves, continues to undermine the ‘safe and effective’ narrative.

The vaccine is neither preventing transmission or infection, nor some serious

Urgent Letter With Update on the Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths – 15 Dec 2021