Ahead of jab mandates the NZ Govt had already planned in July to allow 300 overseas teachers into NZ under a new border exception.

Having just demanded the education sector take the untested experimental mRNA injection, the NZ government I note was well prepared.

Back in July they announced the approval of a border exception enabling the importing of 300 teachers.

teacher replacements


They have even planned ahead for dairy workers, shearers, agriculture & horiticulture workers, veterinarians and fishing crew.

In September I also noted, an article in the NZ Herald that questioned any requirement that those working with children divulge their vaccination status. Immediately smelling a rat, I saved that article. In it, Early Childhood Council chief executive Sue Kurtovich was quoted as saying:

"I think it's unlikely at this point that the Government is going to come out hard on teachers and say you must all get vaccinated".

adern no mandatory

Come mid October 2021, they have announced all teachers must be vaccinated.


Great timing wasn't it? As I frequently repeat, this is the MO of your (not so) 'new' socialist government. Firstly we are not going to make vaccination mandatory, then one year later, we are making it mandatory (if you want to keep your job that is). The successive phases of warming you to the idea are, 'we are not planning xyz, we may have to consider xyz, we are now mandating xyz'. It is called gradualism. Outright mandating all workers everywhere would cause a massive uprising. Little by little is the MO.

One would logically ask, in a country with high unemployment (since Rogernomics that is, prior to that we had full employment and no homeless to speak of as opposed to the current 43K) why the imports? Now it gets more sinister depending which way you look at it.

Consider this whistleblower back in June 2021 speaking out about forward planning. She runs a global gas and oil recruitment firm. What she has discovered in her succession planning (filling future staff vacancies) is that top executives are going through their lists of employees and noting who has taken the VX, planning to replace them all within the next three years. For those who have been listening to the various health experts cum whistleblowers on the VX safety, you will know that these folk have stated that their life span will be considerably reduced even citing figures I have heard,  like 1-3 years.  All makes sense now.

LISTEN AT THIS LINK: https://www.facebook.com/messenger_media/?thread_id=591006131&attachment_id=502267317560658&message_id=mid.%24cAABa9AYunc6ANIfp1V6A0Kc5GrZ5

employment related

This information is not given to frighten you. It is to make you consider and reflect carefully before you make your decision, to jab or not. Your government is not giving you this information. Remember this article about side effects?


And this one about deaths in NZ so far:


Consider also the other stats from the other nations. They are exponentially high (our site pages list them on the left hand column).

Given as little as 1 to 10 percent report anyway, these number are likely to be far higher. Read the NZ article to see how the numbers are being calculated on a citizens register.

The woman speaking out about imminent staff losses  says she has seen some of those people in tears who are checking the lists of the vaccinated, knowing they will have to replace them. She says this is a big thing in these companies now, as they will be looking to have to replace thousands of personnel... roughly half.

As NZ Lawyer, Sue Grey has commented on the 300 imports:

"Another shameful govt act: Loyal NZers who decline the jab are fired and replaced by imports.
Someone needs to challenge this. Where are the unions who are supposed to stand up for employees?"
Consider the angst among educational staff right now:
mandatory vx education sector





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