Dr William Bay Australia

From TheCrowhouse @ Bitchute:

I've highlighted this particular piece of news on Max Igan's video, but please do watch the entire video. It is another of his important updates, commenting on latest events and developments world wide.

For the Doctor's shock announcement go to 18.49 minutes:

"My name is Dr William Bay, and I'm a GP Registrar, and I'm here today to ask you to join with the people of Australia and stop forcing these vaccines on people who are getting killed by them. Dr Professor Paul Kelly is a liar, he is gaslighting all of you, and there is only a zero point two seven percent fatality rate with the infection, and natural immunity has been proven recently in a Qatar study that it gives you 97.3% immunity for life, against all variants. All GPs, all Doctors of Australia, you are on notice by the people of Queensland, this is the Queensland's peoples' protest and YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"

He apologises in this video at Twitter for failing to speak out sooner.

Predictably, they 'move to suspend his medical license'. (If you scroll to the video at this article it is full length.)
Unlike his colleagues at the conference he stands in my opinion, on the right side of history. One reader at Bitchute comments:

"See all those guilty doctors at the conference begin scuttling towards the exits like the cockroaches they are when they were confronted with the truth of their own darkness!"



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