See how many "sudden deaths" have made some news—while "our free press" continues to DENY this Holocaust, and thereby keeps it going

Mark Crispin Miller

Before we note all those whose “sudden deaths” made news just this past week—“unexpected deaths” with no reported cause, or due to heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, cardiac arrest or swift, aggressive cancers (all known to be “adverse events” post-“vaccination”)—let’s review how this unprecedented global spike in sudden death has been deliberately obscured by “our free press.”

While honest doctors, nurses, cops, EMTs, nuns and undertakers have attested to this horror, which they have seen, with their own eyes, unfolding daily since the “vaccinations” started, and even though it’s been statistically confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, by official figures from the life insurance industry and the Department of Defense, the media, both corporate and “alternative,” has not just blacked it out, but keeps on struggling to “explain” it all away, with claims that would be laughable, if they were not engaged in systematic Holocaust denial.

Since people always pay attention when celebrities drop dead, especially when they die before their time, the media jumped to spread the (fake) news, based on a statement from his family, who based it on an iffy coroner’s report, that Bob Saget died because he (somehow) hit his head, and, instead of going to the ER, figured he would sleep it off, and died that night—as happens all the time, “our free press” blared in unison. “What happened to Bob Saget is extremely tragic, but unfortunately not uncommon,” Pfizer cheerleader Dr. Leana Wen told People. “Every year, more than 61,000 Americans die die from traumatic brain injury, and many of these are due to falls.” “Bob Saget’s head injury death a tragic reminder of Natasha Richardson’s,” grieved CNN misleadingly, while many other propaganda mills attacked our heads with yelps of pseudo-motherly concern about them: “What to do if you hit your head, according to trauma experts” (NPR); “What should I do if I hit my head? Understanding head trauma” (Washington Post); “What To Do If You Hit Your Head Really Hard” (Mens Health); “Doctors advise what to do after you hit your head” (MSN); “Head Injuries Are Dangerous, And It’s Not That Easy To Tell When One Is Serious. Here’s What To Know” (Buzzfeed).

There are two problems with this victim-blaming story that Bob Saget banged his head, and died because he didn’t get it checked at once (just like Natasha Richardson). First, several medical experts who reviewed the coroner’s report have found it inconsistent with Saget’s very badly fractured skull. His injury was so severe, a concussion expert told the Epoch Times, that “I doubt he was lucid, and doubt he thought, ‘I’m just going to sleep this off.’” “This is significant trauma,” a neurosurgeon told the New York Times. “This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet.”

Thus Saget’s head was injured more spectacularly than Natasha Richardson’s (she having hurt it in a fall while skiing, stayed conscious, with no fractures, but shortly got an agonizing headache, and died of an epidural hematoma two days later). So did somebody break into Saget’s hotel room in Orlando with a baseball bat, and do him in? The Orange Country Sheriff’s Office, like the Orange County Medical Examiner, were oddly disinclined to entertain that possibility, perceiving no signs of “foul play”; nor, clearly, has the media gone there, either, preferring to treat Saget’s sudden passing as this really sad enigma: “Mystery still surrounds what Saget hit his head on. Police have closed the investigation, so the question may never be answered,” sighs MSN.

Actually, no “mystery surrounds what Saget hit his head on.” What “mystery surrounds” is why Bob Saget fell so hard; and that is not so much a “mystery” as a forbidden question, since that collapse was more than likely caused by Saget’s booster—a third shot that he jokingly reported on his podcast on December 13: “I went to the pharmacy the other day. I got a booster shot and I should’ve gotten it in my arm, but I got it in my butt, so I’m a little in pain.” Since that gem was only one of Saget’s many bits of “vaccination” schtick (“I’ve been vaccinated five to six times a day and I feel great!” he tweeted in July), his “vaccination” status was no secret. The other problem with those articles about the beloved comedian’s “head injury,” then, is that they make no mention of his having got the jab, repeatedly—as they all surely would have done, if they were works of journalism, written for our benefit, and not just further propaganda for the jab, crafted to keep everybody unaware that he was “vaccinated,” so that we’ll all be that much readier to get more shots ourselves.

This blackout is but one of several tricks that “our free press” has played this week to normalize the ever-growing global toll of those “vaccines.” All those women have been “dying suddenly” because they’re so upset, says ABC News: “

‘Broken heart’ cases surge during COVID, especially among women

Potentially deadly heart condition is triggered by intense emotional stress.

And all those children have been “dying suddenly” because it’s in their genes, says Science:

Geneticists find clues to sudden unexplained child deaths

And all those athletes “dying suddenly”? Well, it turns out that they’re not, because that whole story is a “far-right” myth, which “has been debunked repeatedly,” the Washington Post assures us:

How the falsehood of athletes dying of coronavirus vaccines spread

(Compare that disgraceful piece with this deft online illustration of the awful truth:

While the media thus variously thunders that Big Lie—again, an evil din of Holocaust denial—here and there, the painful truth has quietly come out:

Woman Died of Allergic Reaction to COVID Vaccine, Autopsy Confirms

Autopsy Confirms NY College Student Died From “COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Myocarditis”

And then there’s this rare article, by Dr. Justus Hope, in the Desert Review—a newspaper serving the Imperial Valley in Southern California, about the likelihood that “vaccination” killed two high school athletes on the same day:

Lightning strikes twice – Two high schools sudden deaths on the same day

(Both deaths covered in that article are noted down below, among the five studenets who “died suddenly” in the United States just this past week, while still others died in the UK.)

Here, then, are the names of those whose “sudden deaths” made news throughout this second week of February, 2022. There will be all too many more as time goes on. In our pain as we continue tracking them, let us all devote ourselves to bringing those complicit “journalists”—every single one of them— to justice by and by; for they too, like so many doctors and professors, are accomplices to this unprecedented crime against humanity.

Ivan Reitman Dies Unexpectedly at 75

'Ghostbusters' director died at his California home

Producer-director Ivan Reitman , whose wildly successful comedies of the ‘70s and ‘80s included the blockbuster spookfest “Ghostbusters,” died in his sleep on Feb. 12 in Montecito, Calif., his family confirmed to the Associated Press. He was 75. The cause of death was not released.

“Our family is grieving the unexpected loss of a husband, father, and grandfather who taught us to always seek the magic in life,” his children, director Jason Reitman, Catherine Reitman and Caroline Reitman said via a joint statement.

Betty Davis, funk pioneer and fashion icon, dies at 77

February 9, 2022

The incandescent, influential funk musician Betty Davis, who made a string of albums in the mid-1970s that helped to shape stylish, Afrofuturist strains of funk and hip-hop, died on Wednesday in Homestead, Penn., where she had lived since childhood, according to a statement from her record label. Danielle Maggio, a friend of Davis and a producer of Betty Davis: They Say I'm Different, told NPR that she died of cancer after being diagnosed only last week. Davis was 77.

Blues great sampled by famed rappers dies just days after his guitarist brother

February 8, 2022

Chicago soul treasure Syl Johnson, known as one of the most sampled artists ever thanks to his track “Different Strokes,” which has been used by a slew of notable hip-hop artists, has died at the age 85 [sic].

No cause of death reported.

Chicago Sun-Times print edition, 2/8/22.

Ashley Gearhart dead – Mystery as bodybuilder dies in sleep – the second pro death in a week as her sister pays tribute

February 7, 2022

Bodybuilding star Ashley Gearhart died on January 29. Gearhart's cause of death remains unknownFitness Volt reports. She was the owner of the fitness service Strength Inside Out.  The bodybuilding industry has been left rocked by the recent deaths of Tom Prince and Gearhart.

[NB Tom Prince died, reportedly, of cancer:

Former Oakland A’s player Jeremy Giambi dies at age of 47

February 10, 2022

Former major league player Jeremy Giambi has died at the age of 47, his agent announced on Wednesday.

Giambi died at his parents’ home in southern California, according to his agent, Joel Wolfe. Giambi is the younger brother of five-time All-Star and 2000 MVP Jason Giambi. The cause of death has not been released.

City Public Works Deputy Administrator Donald Stone Dies Unexpectedly

February 8, 2022

Donald W. Stone, the city's deputy public works administrator, has died unexpectedly.

Mayor Tim Kelly wrote to city staff members, "I am deeply saddened to inform you today that Donald Stone, a valued member of our Public Works team and a friend to many across the City of Chattanooga, passed away unexpectedly last night.

No cause of death reported.

Hope mourning loss of former swimmer Danny Sullivan

February 8, 2022

The Hope College swimming and diving program is mourning the loss of one of its alumni. 

Danny "Jovie" Sullivan, who graduated in 2017, died unexpectedly from health complications while swimming on Jan. 27 in Vietnam. He was 27.

"A lifelong swimmer, he suffered a sudden cardiopulmonary attack while working out at a local pool," the obituary read. "His final act was doing exactly what he loved, and he passed holding the hand of the love his life, Callahan Noelle Davenport."

Man found on Sixth Avenue in West Bend, WI after spending 3 hours outdoors has died

February 7, 2022

February 7, 2022 – West Bend, WI – It was Saturday, January 29, 2022 when a good Samaritan found a man, unresponsive, after 3 hours on the ground in the 100 block of N. Sixth Avenue in West Bend, WI.  It was 5:09 a.m. and temperatures were below freezing.

Police and firefighters responded and took the man to the hospital for treatment. An investigation by West Bend Police indicated “the 45-year-old male was walking to his nearby residence around 2 a.m. when he collapsed.”

Now comes word that man, Philip James Burkhardt of West Bend, has died.

Five students

Texas High School Basketball Player DeVonte Mumphrey Dies During Game

February 9, 2022

A student at Alto High School, Texas, has died after collapsing during a basketball game. Attempts were made to revive Mumphrey at the scene but were unsuccessful. It is not yet clear why Mumphrey collapsed.

Bremen IL High School basketball player, 17, collapses, dies: 'A great role-model in every sense'

February 10, 2022

Cameran Wheatley was a senior at Bremen High School. The 17-year old was on the basketball team, which traveled to Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Tuesday for a game. It was there when tragedy struck.  Wheatley collapsed and had to be transported to Christ Hospital, with an EMT performing CPR, but he later died. Students said they found out what happened from their teachers Wednesday.

Student found dead in Art Building

February 8, 2022

DeKALB— A student was found unresponsive Monday morning on campus and pronounced dead after an apparent medical crisis, according to NIU spokesperson Joe King.

The university declined to provide the name of the student, but emails obtained by the Northern Star from Paul Kassel, Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts, identify the student as Tyler Madison. 

Madison died unexpectedly Monday at the Jack Arends Visual Arts building on campus. Madison was found unresponsive after likely experiencing a medical emergency.

Rockwood school district mourning the loss of middle school student

February 7, 2022

ST. LOUIS–A crisis team at a St. Louis County middle school has been activated after the death of a student over the weekend in the Rockwood School District.

An email from Superintendent Dr. Tim Ricker went out Sunday to say that an 8th-grade student at LaSalle Springs Middle School in Wildwood died suddenly on Saturday.

“We have reached out to his family and assured them that our sympathy, concern and prayers are with them during this difficult time,” the letter said in part. Counselors will be available for students and staff needing help.

Ionia MI High School student, 14, dies unexpectedly

February 14, 2022

Owen Smith, 14, died unexpectedly Sunday morning, Ionia Public Schools Superintendent Ben Gurk said in a letter sent to staff and families on Sunday. The cause of death has not been released.

Three in education

McFarland High School teacher and basketball coach dies on campus

February 8, 2022

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — McFarland High School varsity basketball coach and teacher Fernando Alaniz unexpectedly died in his classroom Monday afternoon, according to a statement released by the McFarland Unified School District.

The district said Alaniz suffered a medical condition in his classroom during his prep period and colleagues tried to assist him while emergency crews were on the way. Alaniz died shortly after. No students were present during that time.

'She made children her life's endeavor': Marshall Primary mourns loss of librarian

February 8, 2022

At 32, she died unexpectedly Wednesday morning of a pulmonary embolism, Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore said.

BCSC diversity coordinator dies suddenly

February 9, 2022

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools are announcing that the district’s multi-cultural coordinator Kimberly Easton has died suddenly.

Six in law enforcement

Winnebago County Deputy Chief dies suddenly at 62

February 7, 2022

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Winnebago County Deputy Chief Mark Karner died suddenly over the weekend, according to the Sheriff’s Department. He was 62.

Karner died in his home of apparent natural causes, the Sheriff’s Department said.

Clifton police mourn loss of 'kind and humble' sergeant

February 6, 2002

Clifton police are mourning the loss of a beloved sergeant who died suddenly on Saturday morning at his home in the city.

Miller was married with stepchildren. The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Lorain County Sheriff’s deputy dies on last day of work

February 10, 2022

ELYRIA, Ohio (WOIO) - A 52-year-old Lorain County Sheriff’s deputy died Wednesday, which was his last scheduled workday before his resignation went into effect.

Deputy Joel Rapose, 52, suffered a medical emergency at 2:30 p.m. while at work inside the Lorain County Justice Center.

“All of law enforcement is grieving over his loss, so unexpectedly and terribly,” said Judge D. Chris Cook of Lorain County Court of Common Pleas.

Former Fairfield, West Sacramento Police Officer Dies Suddenly At Home

February 11, 2022

Officer Tyler Quinn was currently with the Vallejo Police Department.

No cause of death reported.

Alameda County sheriff's deputy, 36, dies unexpectedly following traffic stop

February 14, 2022

A five-year-veteran of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office died unexpectedly following a traffic stop in Dublin over the weekend. Dublin Police Deputy Aubrey Phillips, 36, suffered an aneurysm while working on patrol early Saturday, sheriff's officials said.

Medina County Drug Task Force agent dies unexpectedly

February 8, 2022

Medina County Drug Task Force agent John Stayrook, 60, of Broadview Heights, died unexpectedly Sunday.

Three firefighters

NC Chief Dies after Suffering Medical Emergency

February 8, 2022

A North Carolina fire chief died after suffering a medical emergency while on duty, officials said.  Officials told local outlets WITN and WNCN that Radford was dispatched just after 1 p.m. to assist with a call. As he arrived at the fire station, he suffered a medical emergency and crashed into a parked vehicle in the lot.

Harford (MD) Firefighter Dies on Duty

February 8, 2022

The Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Foundation has announced that one of its employees, Wayne Fisher, died unexpectedly on duty Sunday.

LA County Fire Captain Dies Suddenly Of Medical Emergency While On Duty

February 10, 2022

A Los Angeles County Fire Department captain died while on duty Wednesday night.

The department confirmed Thursday that Capt. Steven McCann suffered a medical emergency at around 9:30 p.m.

Four in TV news

Former 13 On Your Side reporter Kimberly Easton dies suddenly

February 9, 2022

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Former 13 On Your Side reporter Kimberly Easton has died suddenly. Easton was found unresponsive earlier this week at her home in Columbus, Indiana

Kuli Roberts: devastated family asks for privacy as they deal with her untimely death

February 10, 2022

The family of journalist and media personality Nomakula “Kuli” Roberts, who died suddenly on Wednesday, has asked for privacy as they go through the difficult period of grieving and healing.

They did not divulge details of the cause of death.

Tulsa Meteorologist Clint Boone Dies Suddenly

February 7, 2022

KOTV meteorologist Clint Boone has died suddenly.

The news was first reported by FTVLive and confirmed by a tweet from Mike Collier, the chief meteorologist at KJRH, Boone’s former station.

No cause of death reported.

Jim Angle Dies: Former Fox News Channel Correspondent Was 75

February 11, 2022

Jim Angle, one of Fox News Channel’s original reporting line-up in 1996 and its chief national correspondent when he retired in 2014, died Wednesday at his home in Arlington, Virginia. He was 75.

His death was confirmed by Fox News. A cause was not disclosed.

Matthew Dornquast, co-founder and former CEO of Code42, dies at 55

Matthew Dornquast, a co-founder and former CEO of Code42, died suddenly of natural causes at age 55 on Feb. 4.

Four in New Jersey

Beloved Jersey Shore Mom Of 3 Jamie Mullen Dies Suddenly At Age 36

February 9, 2022

Mullen previously worked as a server and was well-known for her incredible ability as a dancer and gymnast, which she started when she was just three years old.

No cause of death reported.

North Jersey Native, NYU Performer, Beloved Dad Of 2 Sean McCleaver Dies Suddenly At Age 33

February 10, 2022

North Jersey native, NYU performer, and beloved father of two young children Sean Patrick McCleaver died unexpectedly on Tuesday, Feb. 1. He was 33.

McCleaver was a talented performer, singer, and piano player who appeared in several films for NYU before moving to Warwick, NY, where he lived at the time of his death, according to his memorial.

Jersey Shore HS Grad, Beloved Dad Of Young Son Justin Freeling Dies Suddenly At Age 33

February 8, 2022

Jersey Shore high school graduate and beloved father of a young son Justin M. Freeling died unexpectedly on Tuesday, Jan. 18 at the age of 33.

Beloved Sussex County Resident, ‘True Artist’ Annahy Perez Dies Suddenly At Age 20

February 11, 2022

Beloved artist Annahy Ponce Perez died suddenly on Wednesday, Feb. 2 at her Sussex County home. She was 20.

No cause of death reported.

Obituary: Binyam Nardos, instructor in occupational therapy, neurology, 39

February 8, 2022

Binyam Nardos, PhD, an instructor in the Program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, died unexpectedly Jan. 29, 2022, in St. Louis. He was 39.

John ‘Johnny’ A. Kruse, Jr., 41

February 8, 2022

John “Johnny” Allen Kruse, Jr., 41, of Litchfield, died unexpectedly on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022, at 6:59 a.m. at his home.,75470

Weslley Matheus Mendes Balbino, 25

February 8, 2022

Weslley Matheus Mendes Balbino of Edgartown died unexpectedly on Feb. 2 in Falmouth. He was 25.

George A. Chaves, 1956-2022

February 8, 2022

George A. Chaves, 65 , died unexpectedly February 3, 2022 at his home in East Windsor.

Shane Neil Loret

February 8, 2022

Shane Neil Loret, died suddenly Feb. 5, 2022, of the Cattaraugus Seneca territory at the age of 50 years.

Jennifer Sletten, 42

February 8, 2022

WAUKON - Jennifer L. Sletten, age 42, of Waukon, Iowa, died suddenly on Friday, Feb. 4, 2022, in Cresco, Iowa.

Paul A. Jerominek

February 12, 2022

Paul A. Jerominek, 57 of Niskayuna, and formerly of New Hartford, died unexpectedly at his home on February 8, 2022, from natural causes.

Paul was an avid fan of hockey. He held a state-recognized record for goaltending in hockey. In addition to hockey, Paul was a musician who enjoyed playing the guitar. He also enjoyed mowing his lawn on his riding tractor, swimming in his pool and spending time with his children and family.

Steven James Parr: 1964-2022


Our beloved Steve, husband, father, son, brother, died suddenly and unexpectedly on his daughter's birthday.

Alexander Stewart Lord

February 8, 2022

Alexander Stewart 'Sandy' Lord died unexpectedly on January 30, 2022 in Pittsfield, MA. He will be missed.

Donald W. White (Don)

February 7, 2022

TERRE HAUTE - Donald W. White died unexpectedly [at 62] on January 30, 2022 in his residence.


Sudden passing of beloved priest leaves thousands in shock

February 14, 2022

When news broke that Father Vito Marziliano died unexpectedly this past Saturday, the shock and sorrow of losing this kindhearted and much-loved priest was akin to a physical blow to the army of family, friends and fans whose lives he touched.  Father Vito, who died of a heart attack on Saturday. . . .

Larry Nguyen of Kitchener, Ontario passed away suddenly  

February 11, 2022

Larry Nguyen of Kitchener, Ontario passed away suddenly [at 31] on Thursday, 10th of February 2022. His death was claimed to be unexpected, however, the circumstances of his death are unknown. There have been comments on social media, but no one knows what caused his death..

United Kingdom

Scots schoolboy 'suddenly' dies as pupils offered counselling after tragedy

February 7, 2022

A Scots schoolboy has died 'suddenly' with fellow pupils being offered counselling following the tragedy.

It's understood the teen died suddenly in Orkney on Saturday afternoon, February 5.

No cause of death reported.

A&E doctor at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital suddenly dies

February 14, 2022

Heartfelt tributes have been paid to an "incredible" doctor who has died suddenly.

No cause of death reported.

Glasgow city Councillor dies suddenly, aged 49

February 14, 2022

A Glasgow City councillor has died suddenly, at the age of 49.

Gary Gray, Labour councillor for Canal ward, in the north of Glasgow, passed away on Sunday.

No cause of death reported.

Buried in this next piece is the news that two soldiers had died suddenly at Catterick Garrison.

Highlander Nicki Hart has been named as the soldier who died suddenly on 5 February at Catterick Garrison.

February 11, 2022

A tribute has been paid to a soldier whose "warmth could fill a room" after he died suddenly at Catterick Garrison.  The 33-year-old died in the early hours of 5 February at Catterick Garrison and was one of two Catterick soldiers to die that weekend—the two incidents are separate and not being treated as suspicious.

Two days later, the Mirror ran an article on a possible “pandemic of suicide” at Catterick Garrison, noting that “[e]ight Catterick-based soldiers have died suddenly or by suicide since 2018” (emphasis added).

Thus the piece implies that those two recent “sudden deaths” were also suicides—a possibility, although the Mirror notes no evidence for that suggestion: “Cause of death has not been officially confirmed in either case.”

Tributes paid to Arriva Tamworth bus driver who died suddenly

Andy Gardner used to work in his favourite West Bromwich Albion shirt

February 8, 2022

Colleagues have paid tributes to a bus driver described as ‘the heart and soul of Tamworth’s depot’ who has died suddenly.

Andy Gardner, known to his work mates at Arriva as 'Yam Yam', died at the age of 51.

Note the distraction in this headline, highlighting an operation that Kevin O’Neil underwent in 2015, and from which he’d long since fully recovered:

Dad who had giant 10lb tumour removed dies suddenly in sleep leaving family devastated

February 11, 2022

A dad-of-two who had a gigantic tumour weighing 10lb removed from his back has died suddenly in his sleep….

Ill health had taken its toll on Kevin's body, but his death came "out of the blue" for his devastated family.

His wife Kirsty found his body on Saturday morning (February 5) and a post-mortem is now taking place.

Hi son Jack told the Record: "It seems so out of the blue. My dad has been really ill at different points in the last 10 years but it wasn't anything like that, he just died in his sleep suddenly.”

Preston Police Appeal to Help Identify Man Who Suddenly Died Outside The Guild Pub

February 11, 2022

Detectives investigating the sudden death of a man in Preston are asking for the public’s help in identifying him.

Emergency services were called to The Guild in Fylde Road at 7.19am on Wednesday 9th February following reports a man had sadly been found deceased outdoors.

His death is not being treated as suspicious and a file will be passed onto HM Coroner in due course.

Officers have been working to identify the man so his next of kin can be informed. As yet those enquiries have proved unsuccessful.

He is described as white, 5ft 11ins tall, approximately 40 to 50-years-old, of a slim to average build with a slim face, with very short balding black/grey hair, a receding hairline, bushy grey and black eyebrows and a shaven beard with slight stubble to the chin.


Dad dies suddenly at Wetherspoons pub after collapsing during meal as heartbroken family share emotional tributes

February 11, 2022

A DAD died suddenly at a Wetherspoons pub after collapsing during a family meal.

Within half an hour of sitting down at the Reginald Mitchell in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Michael O'Sullivan's heart stopped beating.

Owner of popular Indian takeaway in Yeovil dies suddenly

February 8, 2022

A online fundraiser has been launched after a Yeovil Indian takeaway owner died suddenly.

Prasad Jape, owner of Magic Spice on Princes Street, died unexpectedly on the morning of January 25.

Brighton village in shock after 'King of Saltdean' gift shop owner dies suddenly

February 11, 2022

People in Saltdean have been left devastated after a popular shop owner died suddenly.  Alan Pockney had owned The Gift Shop in Saltdean with his wife for the past 25 years but sadly died last week after a short battle with cancer.

Heartbroken dad pays tribute to young Wexford GAA star Conall McGuinness, 19, after he dies suddenly in Belfast

February 9, 2022

THE heartbroken dad of a young GAA player who died suddenly over the weekend has paid an emotional tribute to his son, saying: "It was a pleasure to have him for the nineteen and a half years we did."

James Grant Garrick

February 12, 2022

Suddenly but peacefully at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, on Sunday, February 6, 2022, after a short illness, James Grant Garrick (Bugsy) aged 58 years, sadly passed away.


Tributes pour in for 'much-loved' young woman who died suddenly in Sligo

Leah Carolan, 19, was a first-year college student studying Social Care Practice at the Institute of Technology Sligo

February 7, 2022

A young woman who was found dead near an Irish college last week has been named locally as Leah Carolan.

Her body was discovered in Ballinode, close to the IT, last Thursday, February 3.

At the time her body was found, Gardai said they did not suspect foul play in the cause of her death.

Tributes pour in for 'beautiful' Irish teen after sudden death aged just 14

February 6, 2022

No cause of death reported.


St George icon Mark Shulman dies suddenly at age 70

February 14, 2022

One of the most courageous players to lace on a rugby league boot has died.  Dragons favourite Mark Shulman, believed to be the smallest man to play the game, passed away on the weekend aged 70.

He kept very fit and died very suddenly – the early diagnosis is that it was a brain aneurysm.”


Carlos de los Santos, Longtime Garrigues Arbitration Head, Dies at 55

February 9, 2022

The Spanish and international arbitration communities are mourning the passing of Carlos de los Santos, longtime head of arbitration and litigation at Garrigues and alternate member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, who died suddenly on Wednesday at the age of 55.

Gillingham sisters’ desperate plea for help after mum dies suddenly in Spain  

February 11, 2022

Two Gillingham sisters are appealing for help after their mum unexpectedly died in Spain. Samantha and Stevie Doades have been left to handle the proceedings following the sudden emergency.  Their 54-year-old mother was staying in her Spain home when she reportedly suffered a fatal heart-attack.


Vice President Of National Assembly Dies At 51    

February 13, 2022

Serbia's Vice President of the National Assembly, Muamer Zukorlic, died suddenly on Saturday from a heart attack. He was 51.

He was scheduled to give a lecture at the International University in Novi Pazar but fell ill immediately before the engagement.


JCF mourns passing of policeman who died suddenly while on duty

February 7, 2022

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is in mourning following the death of a policeman who died suddenly while on duty in Papine, St Andrew on Saturday.

The police report that Inspector Rupert Harper was reportedly on duty managing a dispute in the area when he fell ill and collapsed.

He was transported to the hospital, where he died.

(German ambassador to Jamaica died suddenly on Dec. 16.)

Popular western Jamaica attorney Morrel Beckford, 50,  dies suddenly

February 13, 2022

One of western Jamaica's most senior criminal defence attorneys, Morrel Beckford, has died.

Beckford reportedly became ill during one of his regular morning runs.  He was taken to the Savanna-La-Mar Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Beckford was a regular 10 kilometre/marathon runner, who won his age group during popular runs such as the MoBay City Run.

According to friends close to the 50-year-old partner at the law firm Beckford, Smith and Wade, the attorney was running on Saturday and complained of not feeling well.  However, this morning he woke up feeling better and went running again.  Ten minutes into the run he complained of nausea, started vomiting and then fainted.

St. Vincent

Fully vaccinated man, 39, dies suddenly of COVID-19

February 12, 2022

The Ministry of Health says a 39-year-old man died suddenly on February 1, 2022, and tested positive for COVID-19 as part of the post mortem assessment. The patient was determined to have died from COVID-19 pneumonia. He was fully vaccinated.


Head of Sokoto Caliphate Kingmakers, Danbaba, 51 Dies Suddenly  

February 11, 2022

The Head of Sokoto kingmakers, the Magajin Garin Sokoto, Alhaji Hassan Danbaba, who died on Saturday, has been laid to rest in a glorious ceremony. The influential kingmaker, who was the grandson of the late Premier of Northern Region and Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, reportedly slumped in his hotel in Kaduna yesterday, and died on his way to the hospital


Taiwanese director dies suddenly, leaving behind wife and 20-day-old twins

February 9, 2022

Yet another Taiwanese showbiz personality has died suddenly of [sic[ cardiovascular reasons.  Director-actor Ming Gin-cheng, 51, suffered cardiogenic shock at around 11pm yesterday (Feb 8) while spending time with his wife Patty Lin, who's six years younger, at a Taipei confinement centre. He was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.


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