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It is important to realize that COVID is a global medical hoax in another sad chapter of 220+ years of the vaccine mass human sacrifice new age cult of Government and its minion stipulated priestly institutional orders and individuals.

The strategy went like this: Scare people into buying into believing with no evidence just fear tactics that there is a new virus killing people.
First stage of mass poisoning:
They [Gov + Gov PR Firms Media + Big Business] use the law and big businesses [media etc..] to force people to wear the Masks and take the Tests. Both the Masks and the PCR swab tests are the vectors that are mass poisoning people with the most cancer causing chemical in the history of chemistry -> Ethylene Oxide.
Second stage of mass poisoning:
The quackccine roll out…. the quackccinated will develop years of “new diseases” & deaths [already happening] that are directly caused by the quackccines.

The rest is just a big lie.

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