Do you really still believe all those explanations for why folk are not only dropping dead like flies, but also suffering this mysterious wave of heart problems ... that incidentally began POST-jab? If you do then good luck with that. We've already had it demonstrated that the hospitalized & dying are jabbed, many TRIPLE jabbed. And we Kiwis were all urged to 'get protected' with the 'safe & effective' treatment touted by our 'one source of truth'. I have noted my peers who are waiting for the trials to end in 2023 to decide about getting jabbed are all alive and well (yes you're a guinea pig, the ferrets all died in the early trials). It's very sad though, watching so many fall ill with heart issues that are, they assure me, 'just coincidental'. thebfd.co.nz has posted a link from  UK mainstream via themariachiyears.substack.com with this 'exciting' new hope for a cure to the heart issues. This should delay things a bit longer whilst the trusting queue for more of the same. TWNZ


Things That Make Me Go Hmm

BREAKING: New Cure for Heart Attacks

In a stunning new development, scientists have rapidly developed a “cure” for the heart attacks affecting never before seen levels of young adults, children and babies, and which are obviously being caused by soft drinks, climate change, winter vagina, cannabis use, long covid, paracetamol (Tylenol), eating too much meat, eating too many eggs, or shaking the bedsheets too vigorously.

uk daily mail Scientists may have found worlds first cure for heart attacks




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