The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was designed for medical providers to report any complications with the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, which would seem to be a valuable tool considering the effects are widely unknown.

However, there is no mandate for medical care providers to report side effects to the system.

Whistleblower and Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad, who has practiced medicine for 17 years, came out and said that medical workers are being dissuaded from reporting vaccination side effects. While working at United Medical Center in New York, Conrad reported 50 adverse events, including four deaths, within a four-week period. Her hospital’s chief quality officer reprimanded her for reporting to VAERS as “this level of reporting [has not been found] anywhere else and [they] didn’t hear of similar reports.” Conrad questioned the system. She questioned why an emergency use vaccination was launched to the public without safety gauges and without any notice to medical providers on what side effects they may see or need to treat.

Less than 50% of the community that United Medical Center services have the vaccine, but around 90% of sick patients were vaccinated, according to Conrad. Worse, their ailments went beyond a new strain or reinfection of COVID-19. The PA saw patients experience:

  • A new stroke
  • Bleed
  • Autoimmune Hepatitis
  • Sudden Bilateral Pneumonia or “COVID19 infection”,
  • Syncope with head injury
  • STEMI,
  • New arrhythmias
  • New seizure disorders,
  • New chorea movement disorder, and more.


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