"Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 brings you another eye-opening video interview, exposing critical, censored COVID statistics with Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, the President, and CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation."

(NaturalHealth365)  “We have a pandemic of fear, not a pandemic of the virus.”  Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is by far not the only person who feels this way.  Every day more people wake up to the realization that something is going terribly wrong, especially in our hospitals.  By now, it is well-established that COVID patients ending up on a ventilator face extremely low chances of survival.  Yet, despite the horrendous outcome, hospitals actively use policies and protocols to push people to ventilation.

Many are also aware that patients showing up in emergency rooms with COVID are systematically denied safe and effective early treatment options.  Instead of receiving the care they need, patients are sent home and told to return when they get worse.  Sadly, most doctors and healthcare workers go along with the injustices inside the institutions, widening the gap between healthcare and public trust.

But thankfully, not all doctors stay silent.  Dr. Vliet is one such provider whose courage to speak up may help save lives.


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