"Israel is the only country that possesses computerized databases that collect data on the health status of millions of people – the “big data” of the health maintenance organizations. If there was one country in the world that was well placed to discern irregularities related to health-related phenomena solely by conducting statistical analyses of its health data systems, it was Israel." Mark Crispin Miller

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‘When I told Pfizer about incidents of myocarditis they refused to believe me for four months’

Israel had the potential to be the first country in the world to detect side effects of the coronavirus vaccines. And it did detect two, almost by accident. But its disregard for more minor effects cost it public trust

Jan. 25, 2022 | 3:08 PM

An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Prof. Dror Mevorach, head of the internal medicine department at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, has aroused much interest worldwide, in the wake of a gut feeling that he had.

It happened when a healthy young man arrived in his department with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, just one day after having received a vaccination against the coronavirus. Mevorach asked himself if this was merely a coincidence, and set out to investigate the matter internally, at Hadassah. He found two more instances of similar inflammation in newly vaccinated individuals at the hospital. This led him to develop a serious suspicion of a link between the two. Mevorach then began phoning colleagues at other hospitals in Israel, as well as the director general of the Health Ministry.



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