Every human must know the horrible truths being concealed by media

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“My mom appears to be having effects but she won’t admit they have anything to do with the vaccine,” Lee writes. “Both my parents got the boosters and they couldn’t go out on their 55th wedding anniversary after the boosters because they were ‘knocked for a loop’.”

“I gave them ALL the information and basically begged them not to,” she noted. “I don’t say anything anymore because there is no point, they can’t hear me, but it is TERRIBLE. They have my dad so terrified he wears a frigging N95 mask in the house even though there are not any ‘cases’ in the county right now.”

“They sit and watch t.v. all day.” she continued. “The people who have done this have some SERIOUS karma to burn and it won’t be excused because they ‘made it obvious’. Truly EVIL. My husband’s coworkers daughter died (she was disabled and in a care home) right after the vaccine and two of his co-workers had heart attacks. It is everywhere. It is unreal it has not fully outed yet.”


Photo: (baby affected by vaccinated mother's milk..see article)

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