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I have provided a rough transcript below, of part of the conversation between Maria Zeee and Dr. Rashid Buttar on hydrogel in the mRNA shots and what he thinks is going to happen.

I have mispelt Dr. Buttar’s  name throughout. My apologies.

Maria: included, a lot of us don’t necessarily understand this delivery system and what it’s actually capable of. Can it be programmed?  I’ve got a lot of questions around this.

Dr. Bhuttar  Sure. So essentially, the hydrogel is a fixative, like a matrix, if you will. Think of it as something that allows for stability of whatever has been put in it. So the hydrogel is essentially a mechanism of delivery that is that creates a consistent and stable matrix to hold whatever they want to be held in there.

It just so happens that in this particular case, there’s overwhelming evidence that there are at least three pathogens we know of, probably more additional ones that we’re not aware of.

But the three that I’m aware of, for certain  Somebody said about monkeypox. Monkeypox is not one that we found in there – that that is not consistent with the information that that I’ve gotten.

Marburg is one. Marburg is the pathogen that causes hemorrhagic fever. And essentially, it causes hemorrhaging from the eyes, ears throughout the body – 88% mortality from exposure. So that means if one person is walking down the street and somebody else has encountered them, there’s an 88% chance that they will die from that exposure.

But that’s from an exposure. Here, in this case, the Marburg is in this hydrogel, so it’s already in your body.

So that’s has much higher than it’s probably like a 99% mortality.




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