Perhaps prior to 2020 the issue of virus isolation was of minimal interest to the vast majority earth’s inhabitants.  Most people blindly accept the medical establishment’s claims that viruses exist and can cause disease. They otherwise don’t give it a second thought.  Sometimes you get unwell, and a doctor informs you, “it’s probably a viral illness” – but almost every time, you get better again.  However, the increasingly negative impacts from government instigated policies in the name of the “corona” crisis has resulted in some healthy new interest in the subject. 

Social cohesion in households and communities is being strained, businesses are being run into the ground, and suspicions about the requirement to be injected every four months to maintain protection against an invisible enemy are on the rise.  If no virus has been isolated then its very existence is pure speculation. A phantom menace that has no confirmed physical presence, merely a ruinous psychological construct manifesting as a living nightmare.  And those who ignore the pivotal issue of virus isolation are blindly accepting a premise on which all manner of lies can be built.    

But there are scientific papers that prove isolation?…

The confusion surrounding virus isolation stems from the fact that many published scientific papers state in their titles or claim in their abstracts that they successfully “isolated” a virus.  In 2020 and 2021, we lost track of the number of times we were sent such papers as apparent proof of the “SARS-CoV-2” virus.  Similarly, industry-funded “fact-checking” sites have a propensity to link to such papers to reassure their spoon-fed readers that the “virus” has been isolated.  Unfortunately, such disinformation sites fail to inform their audience that the virologists are not referring to actual physical isolation of any virus and have instead substituted the meaning of the word isolation for something that means almost the opposite. 

Researchers such as Christine Massey have tirelessly collated Freedom of Information requests from governments around the world to clearly expose the fact that the alleged causal agent of COVID-19 has never once been physically isolated.  While at least one government supported microbiologist has claimed this is disingenuous as the requests are worded in such a way that they are not consistent with the methodology of modern virology, this misses the whole point: the modern virologists are not isolating viruses in the way that the public and probably most of the medical profession are led to believe.  Instead, they moved the goalposts.



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