Showing that the TV news in France is just as rotten as it is the United States, and all throughout the West

Mark Crispin Miller

Scroll down for Luc Montagnier’s TV appearance in late April, 2020, to report that “the coronavirus” could not have made a natural leap from bats to humankind—a finding that the “journalists” on set found most disquieting, since it went against the script they’d all been reading dutifully for several months (the same zoonotic-origin story that ends the 2010 Hollywood pandemic-flick Contagion).

In order to prop up the SARS-CoV-2 propaganda narrative, those “journalists” sputtered in protest of Montagnier’s claim exactly as these other “journalists,” the other dayl attempted to prop up the “Ukraine” propaganda narrative, in sputtering reaction to the Ukrainian woman who perturbed them all by contradicting the now-all-pervasive propaganda narrative about “Ukraine.”

What all this tells us is that the professional “journalists” in France are just as much a part of the state propaganda apparatus as their counterparts in the US, Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and wherever else real journalism has been largely wiped away, and turned into its opposite.


Ukrainian woman goes off script in French TV interview

(En Subs) - Nobel Prof. Montagnier : COVID-19 caused by a vaccine experiment gone bad - 2020.04.17


Photo: screenshot


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