Intimidation and silencing of health professionals, including dentists who decline to tow the Covid narrative line is brutal. Those witnessing and treating harms associated with the experimental Covid-19 injections are given a choice between retaining their livelihoods and careers, or speaking out. This week New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science have been in communication with a whistleblower dentist agreeing to the publication of his experiences and observations on assurance of anonymity. His submission is as follows.


From the Dentist’s Chair

Last week, on Monday, a mother I have treated for a number of years started telling me about her 9 years old son complaining of chest pains, breathlessness, constant tiredness and his heart feeling funny. He was undergoing multiple tests from the doctor and hospital, including bloods and ECG, and the whole family was feeling worried and traumatised. There was no previous medical history. They only got him jabbed so he could keep doing his sport.

On Thursday, I heard a nearly identical story from another mother, only this time the sufferer was a 16 years old teenage girl. She had no energy and was nearly passing out after the simplest of activity, even standing up from sitting on the sofa.

On Friday, it was a 60 something nursery school teacher. It was the same story, and getting worse for her. The day previous, she had believed she was going to die at work, her heart was beating so randomly and the accompanying chest pain acute.

They had one thing only in common.

The covid jab.


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