about the abuse of constitutional process and Bill of rights.
NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party lay a formal complaint to Parliament's Speaker about the abuse of constitutional process and Bill of rights.
We sent a strongly worded letter to the Speaker of The House Trevor Mallard concerning the urgent passing of the "covid traffic lights bill" and the "Bill of Rights". Copied below for your information.
Dear Trevor
The NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party write to make a formal complaint about the government's signaled use of urgency to progress and pass the covid "Traffic Lights" legislation which apparently will promote and establish a highly controversial Medical Apartheid system in New Zealand.
The proposed Covid "Traffic Lights" law will undermine fundamental rights and freedoms protected by the NZ Bill of Rights Act, and by international treaties such as the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This is of constitutional concern at any time, but it particularly egregious when deliberately done under calculated and carefully constructed "urgency", and without the usual democratic process. At the best it shows extremely poor planning and lack of respect for the public on New Zealand. At worst it indicates tyranny and evidences leadership that is not fit for purpose within our New Zealand People's Parliament.
This legislation has been flagged by the Prime Minister for many weeks. It is inexcusable in a supposedly democratic state such as New Zealand, that highly controversial legislation of this type, is passed in such a reckless and arrogant way.
As Parliament's Speaker we invite you to step up to uphold the rules, protocols and conventions of Parliament and try to restore at least a semblance of public confidence.
The NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party objects on the strongest possible terms to this rushed and unconstitutional legislation.
We urge and invite you to formally table this complaint in Parliament and to hold an URGENT debate on this important topic so the public can be fully informed of the views of their elected representatives.
Please also confirm receipt.
Yours faithfully

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