police officer alexander cooney


Alexander Cooney who had served 12 years with the NSW Police has resigned and is questioning the tyranny they are being asked to enforce.

In brief summary he says:

  • I couldn't face up as a Police Officer to enforce this tyranny
  • The Police are being used as a tool for political and other agendas
  • Most Police are aware now that covid is not what we are told it is
  • Many Police want to leave the force but are scared 
  • Many are fearful of where they are headed with what they're asked to do
  • Many are on stress leave since the latest lockdowns
  • The agenda is being pushed very hard and independent info from scientists and doctors is being ignored
  • They are aware that MSM is false
  • 170 officers do not want the jab and some have succumbed because they need their jobs

Listen to the short clip, he cites the letter he first wrote to his management.


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