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This, as NZ 'health' authorities are urging towards masks again ... perhaps the white coats are too busy with their careers to read the independent science (ie non industry funded or should that read, non Big Pharma funded?) ... TWNZ

From the Brownstone Institute via

It is not unreasonable to conclude that surgical and cloth masks, used as they currently are being used (without other forms of PPE protection), have no impact on controlling the transmission of Covid-19 virus. Current evidence implies that face masks can be actually harmful. The body of evidence indicates that face masks are largely ineffective. 

My focus is on COVID face masks and the prevailing science that we have had for nearly 20 months. Yet I wish to address this mask topic at a 50,000-foot level on the lockdown restrictive policies in general. I build on the backs of the fine work done by Gupta, Kulldorff, and Bhattacharya on the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) and similar impetus by Dr. Scott Atlas (advisor to POTUS Trump) who, like myself, was a strong proponent for a focused type of protection that was based on an age-risk stratified approach. 

Because we saw very early on that the lockdowns were the single greatest mistake in public health history. We knew the history and knew they would not work. We also knew very early of COVID’s risk stratification. Sadly, our children will bear the catastrophic consequences and not just educationally, of the deeply flawed school closure policy for decades to come (particularly our minority children who were least able to afford this). Many are still pressured to wear masks and punished for not doing so.

I present the masking ‘body of evidence’ below (n=167 studies and pieces of evidence), comprised of comparative effectiveness research as well as related evidence and high-level reporting. To date, the evidence has been stable and clear that masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful and especially to children. 

Table 1: The evidence on COVID-19 face masks and mask mandates and harms

1) Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers, Bundgaard, 2021 “Infection with SARS-CoV-2 occurred in 42 participants recommended masks (1.8%) and 53 control participants (2.1%). The between-group difference was −0.3 percentage point (95% CI, −1.2 to 0.4 percentage point; P = 0.38) (odds ratio, 0.82 [CI, 0.54 to 1.23]; P = 0.33). Multiple imputation accounting for loss to follow-up yielded similar results…the recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use.”




Included below is latest info from the excellent resource Voices for Freedom, I urge you to sign up & avail yourself of their information going forward:

The Government is meddling in masks once again. It is the measure politicians will cling to as a highly visible reminder of our "state of emergency" - a simple method to perpetuate public fear and attempt to maintain control of the narrative.
Most recently, just yesterday (July 22), the Ministry of Education (MOE) issued a recommendation for Term 3 that students in Year 4 and above wear masks indoors for the first four weeks of term. It also confirmed it is providing ten million child masks for Terms 3 and 4.
The important point is that it is a "recommendation" only. Masks are not compulsory; instead, it has been left to each school board to make the call themselves, and mask exemptions explicitly acknowledged by MOE apply. (They would regardless, but the point is the MOE are also reiterating that kids can be exempt, albeit they should also state that a physical card/pass is not required by law to be exempt...) 
We have resources to assist in respect of kids/school and masks here, and we have more template letters and plain-English legal information about masks for everyone here (including letters to send in the case of denied entry to a business for not wearing a mask.)
Below is a repeat of an email we sent you when the Government brought out the new "personalised" exemptions. If you're already sorted on masks, great, but otherwise please take the time to learn more about the mask issue and why it is so important. 
If you have friends or family interested in learning more, please share this link with them: so that they are signed up to receive further updates when the legislation changes (which is quite often).
Click here if you looking for quick link to the new exemption card. (We do not recommend setting up a "My Covid Record" unless you already have one. Instead, use the free phone number or text.)

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