Updates from Health Impact News: citing many sources: there is talk of cutting internet, clearly also, fuel supplies (as has been happening in NZ), food and aid;  and arrests in Canada have begun as the Police State thugs are rolling out, not .... note.... to have discussions with the peaceful folk camped in Ottawa... but to quell dissension with the iron fist. They are confiscating fuel. As Jon Rappoport comments in his excellent overview of what is happening and why the line needs to be held ... "No one should have expected the government of “obey us” to just sit back and let this convoy happen and proceed, with so many Canadians supporting it." TWNZ

BREAKING: Police begin ARRESTING convoy protesters outside Parliament

Truckers Block Windsor-Detroit Border as Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe Announces End of Vaccine Mandates

Health Impact News provide updates at the link as to what is going down right now in Ottawa with the truckers convoy camped there.

Jon Rappoport's article is a must read:

As of this writing, I’m told the police are making arrests in Ottawa. I assume this means they’re arresting truckers.

The Ottawa city government has declared a state of emergency. It’s now a crime for anyone on the scene to give food, fuel, or aid of any kind to the truckers.

The truckers and people all over Canada want freedom and peace. The government wants peace without freedom.

The government wants vaccine mandates and passports, and the ability to declare lockdowns and other fascist measures at any time.

No debate on “the science,” no need to justify the COVID measures, no legal cases taking up Constitutional limits on government power. Just: OBEY.

So that’s what the government is. That’s who they are. That’s who Trudeau is.

We might feel shock at what the government is doing to the truckers, but we shouldn’t be surprised. No one should have expected the government of “obey us” to just sit back and let this convoy happen and proceed, with so many Canadians supporting it.

No one should be surprised that rebellion against “obey us” governments is breaking out across the world.

Let’s get out ahead of what could happen in the coming days and weeks—-

No one with a conscience should back away if governments and their media front men throw around words like “insurrection” and “incitement” and “terrorism.” THESE ARE CONTROL WORDS.

They’re meant to paralyze people. They’re crude smears. The implication would be, anyone who is “a trucker” or a “supporter” wants to overthrow the entire government—rather than replace the fascists.


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