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Since posting on this recent revelation, clearly many have jumped right in and dismissed it as a psyop or fake info. I believe it is far too early to dismiss it as either and I'm always suspicious when an article gets an immediately dismissive reaction. I will continue to add information on the topic but feel free to do your own research and reach your own conclusions. I am adding here the Mike Adams interviews which go into greater depth about how Dr Ardis came to the conclusions he did. There are two interviews at Natural News. The third is from Dr Jane Ruby.

They also both touch on the aspect that has deflected people from hearing him ... the perhaps over dramatization of the first interview by Stew Peters. The music and so on. In fairness, this is not unusual for Peters' videos and certainly doesn't in my opinion mean one should dismiss all of his material outright. It was after all only an intro video. The follow ups tell us more.

It is a bit of a war out there at the moment in more ways than one. If there is anything those controlling the narrative wish to do it is divide us all, particularly truthers who know that the official CV narrative is chock full of flaws. (Creating division is a power tactic). I'm happy to agree to disagree with whomever holds an opposite view. We are all seeking a better world & at this stage of world events the unthinkable is rolling out in China, as 25 million are imprisoned in their homes without food, forced to be jabbed, and frequently by all accounts there, dropping immediately (where's the outrage from mainstream on that?). We know this has been happening globally anyway (people dropping ie). There is so much info out there now to sift through but one fact remains. Many thousands have died and they are not letting up.

China it's said, is the template of the globalists for the rest of the planet.... that's us.

Finally, below FYI is comment by (link to their posting on topic also below) :

The debate regarding snake and other animal venoms and how they are being used are likely to continue for some time.  This is the scientific method – open debate – and it is a topic very well worth investigating and debating as our lives may depend on the outcome.  We should all remain inquisitive and listen to all sides if we want to find truthful answers.

We have yet to watch the podcasts published by Mike Adams, host of Health Ranger Report, or read their associated articles published in Natural News, but we have listed them below so you can do so if you choose.


Below are links to the two articles with the three interviews with Dr Bryan Ardis:

Dr. Jane Ruby Show

The Ardis Bombshell And Review Of The World Premier Of Watch The Water

Dr. Bryan Ardis releases huge allegations: The covid-19 virus, vaccines and some treatments are all derived from SNAKE VENOM

From Snakes to Spike Protein to Injections; Some Things to Consider

Dr Bryan Ardis – VENOM – UK Exclusive Interview

Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and faecal samples
from COVID-19 patients


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