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ER Editor: The La Quinta Columna (5th Column) team of Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano and biostatistician Ricardo Delgado join the dots in this brief video, between graphene oxide in the vaccines (pre-Covid vaccines) and electromagnetic radiation emitted from the environment to explain the appearance of ‘Covid lung’ as they term it (in translation from Spanish).

In previous videos, usually posted to Bitchute, they have measured levels of ionizing radiation (the kind that is damaging to human cells) out in the environment with appropriate detection and measuring devices. Other videos show they are fully aware of 5G, chemtrail dispersion, etc. Below we offer our own, fuller version of what Sevillano is explaining in the subtitles.

We add to the mix an article by Dr. Mike Williams today as to how the vaccines are weakening our immune systems:

Are Covid Vaccines Engineered to Disable Our Immune Systems?


First off, there are antennae out in the environment sending out electromagnetic radiation frequencies. These frequencies don’t have to be especially strong, just that they pulse. Pulsing out these frequencies is a way to make the body’s mitochondria sick, which produces sick and dying cells because the cells lack the energy to survive. (Note: Mitochondria produce the energy that power cells’ biochemical reactions, enabling them to function correctly. See this source.)

This sickening and die-off of cells produces a cytokine storm, which happens when the body sloughs off ‘dead stuff’. It accounts for why people are getting sick simultaneously. And it accounts for the difficult-to-explain phenomenon of ‘Covid lung’ that was appearing early in 2020.

In general, acute radiation syndrome mimics Covid symptoms (see this scientific paper here, found on La Quinta Columna siteCommonalities Between COVID-19 and Radiation Injury). But Covid lung seemed to be a separate phenomenon, which can be accounted for by GRAPHENE IN FLU VACCINES (which the Quinta Columna team has already found). Why would graphene be needed in the vaccines as an extra step? Because SOME of the symptoms of acute radiation syndromeare respiratory tract symptoms, but not all (check the scientific paper for a list of symptoms). If we add graphene oxide into vaccines, there will be a dispersion period in the body (of say 1-3 months), but after that, graphene will be found in high concentrations in the lungs (from where it is finally eliminated from the body).

So the team are proposing this theory: There are Covid symptoms, which cause primarily a lung problem and which have been advertised as such since the beginning, derived from two sources:

  1. An external source, such as from radiation (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies)
  2. An internal source, a toxicant, which RADIATES FROM INSIDE of us, especially the lungs where the graphene nanoparticulates collect the most. And this enhances the effect of external radiation. (At ER, we’ve published on why graphene oxide is an excellent conductor of energy and how it shows up on microscopic imaging as bright and reflective. We’ve also published on the Quinta Columna team reporting how 90 plus scientific papers have shown that highly toxic graphene oxide in the body mimics the symptoms of ‘Covid‘.)

In China, people were vaccinated in October and November (we assume he’s talking about 2019 when ‘Covid’ cases were beginning to emerge). Then you add environmental radiation into the mix (5G or other frequencies?). Graphene from the vaccines takes a while to disperse and settle within the body, such as the lungs. Then the lungs are ‘filled with graphene’ and the electromagnetic frequencies are applied. Covid lung is the result.

Sevillano says it explains the sequencing of the ‘pandemic’ – first China, then Iran, followed by Europe and America. You vaccinate the population first, then you apply the radiative frequencies.

Many have noticed, including journalists like Jon Rappoport, how 5G had been turned on in and around Wuhan around the time of the ‘Covid’ outbreak in China, and in northern Italy. Sevillano notes how the Chinese had been vaccinated beforehand, and we know that people around northern Italy had had 2 rounds of vaccines – for flu and meningitis – before the ‘Covid’ problem hit. Other commentators have noticed that not too many other places in China were affected by this ‘pandemic’ outside of the Wuhan area. However, this type of radiation may not have to be of the 5G kind.

At ER, we are not sure that a bioweapon(s) hadn’t been spread around, IN ADDITION to these two factors. And we aren’t sure why the cabal wouldn’t use every conceivable weapon at their disposal, including lab-created viruses. We remind readers that the French documentary “Hold Up” by Pierre Barnerias included a 2-minute segment from someone formerly employed in French intelligence who had received word that out of 6 circulating viruses in western Europe in early 2020, 3 had been crafted for Scandinavia, France and Germany, and Spain and Italy respectively. This suggests a lab-created product with genetic tailoring. A Taiwanese epidemiologist from 2019 alerted the CDC to the possibility of 5 strains of a type of pulmonary fibrosis, where all types had been found on US soil.

And how does the chemtrail cocktail feed into this situation?

We are keeping our options open to all explanatory possibilities.

Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano Explains How Graphene Oxide and EMFs Create the So-Called Covid Lung


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