Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease
– what is it?

There have been a number of articles in mainstream media about long Covid and prolonged symptoms after infection.

Other articles are warning us that we may experience a more severe flu season this winter.
We are advising that antibody-dependent-enhancement (ADE) or vaccine-associated-enhanced-disease (VAED) could be occurring now and may account for more severe illnesses this winter.

This is an adverse effect that was recognised to be an important potential risk following exposure to the mRNA injections. The immune systems of those exposed to the injections may no longer be functioning optimally. They may not be able to respond to and clear infections well, or may over-respond with an inflammatory reaction. Disease symptoms may be worse or prolonged as a result.

VAED was listed in the Risk Management Plan (RMP) Pfizer submitted to Medsafe when applying for approval for its injection as something to be aware of (see below).

“Important risks, missing information and additional pharmacovigilance activities”.

Table 4: Important potential risk: Vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED) including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD)

Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease VAED NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Consider your vitamin D status and consider vitamin D supplementation if your levels are low or likely to be low.

View the full RMP data sheet here.
Pfizer’s information around VAED is on ‘Table 4’ page 4.



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