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From Voices for Freedom, Alia Bland. Information that has to make you think of course... what are they hiding? (There is a call at the link for action you can take) TWNZ


The data they don't want you to see

Alia Bland

"Dangerous, misinformation-spreading loons.""

Our organisation is regularly on the receiving end of these kinds of labels.

But what happens when the information we are "spreading" is their own?

Namely, data and charts from a publicly respected national mainstream media source?

In the past, sharing inconvenient research, data and stats saw us de-platformed from social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Thou shalt not share problematic truths.

Disappearing data

On Friday, I wrote a post about several key Covid-19 cases and hospitalisation charts published on the Radio New Zealand (RNZ) website.

These charts were derived from Ministry of Health numbers and looked at the data surrounding the vaccination status of the recent Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths.

In a nutshell, it showed that the boosted make up more than their fair share of the percentages, especially when it comes to being hospitalised or worse.


Last year, when too many people discovered similar patterns of infection and hospitalisation amongst the vaccinated in the UK (via their regular Public Health England Technical Briefing Reports), they officially changed how they shared their information to obscure and omit uncomfortable findings.

It seems our very own national broadcaster has opted for the same strategy in NZ.

Or, perhaps it's the Ministry of Health playing with the type of data it makes available?

Either way, RNZ has pulled five charts displaying data relating to vaccination status from their webpage - within a day or two of us highlighting the results.


Photo: Voices for Freedom

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