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From the NZ Doctors Speaking out with Science (NZDSOS)

Analysis of Covid-19 attributed deaths … shows convincingly here in Aotearoa that getting boosted is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of death from Covid-19. Very consistent with the international evidence. Ashley Bloomfield lying with statistics

In his 307th and final pandemic press conference on 27 July 2022, Dr Bloomfield also stated that “People not fully vaccinated against Covid-19, that is, they’ve had less than two doses, are six times more likely to die if they catch Covid-19 compared with someone if they’ve had at least one booster dose“.

Multiple governments including our own appear to be lying with statistics in lockstep. A room full of ‘accredited journalists’ may accept Dr Bloomfield as their single ‘source of truth’. Away from the podium however, an ever-increasing number of informed citizens are looking beyond government claims about the Covid-19 narrative as multiple analysts present available data in accessible forms for public review.



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