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Emma's story ... "Getting the first dose of the vaccine put me in debt and brought me no freedom only sickness....SYMPTOMS: Dizziness, Fever, Heart Palpatations, Shortness of breathe Extreme fatigue, Headaches, Bleeding."

Name: Emma Stannard
Age: 32
Area of NZ: Hawke’s Bay
Date of Jab: 4/9/21
Dose and brand: 1st dose of Pfizer
Batch Number: ? Not sure.
- Dizziness
- Fever
- Heart Palpatations
- Shortness of breathe
- Extreme fatigue
- Headaches
- Bleeding
Details of Adverse Reaction: 5 minutes after receiving the jab I started to feel very hot and sweaty and faint. I thought I was going to pass out. I was in observation inside a pharmacy and had to sit outside. The staff brought me water and a chair. I ended up having to stay in observation for an hour. I received the dose on a Saturday morning and the whole weekend I spent in bed. I had to keep having to go outside to take in the fresh air because my head felt like it was on fire and I couldn’t breathe. I was dizzy and tired and had a massive headache. Monday I had to have off work because I still wasn’t better. Tuesday I went back to work but I still wasn’t feeling like myself. On Wednesday I bleed for a few hours and had horrific stomach cramps even though I’m on a contraceptive pill that completely stops me bleeding or experiencing period symptoms.
The next few weeks I started feeling better but still not 100%. Then 2-3 weeks after getting the vaccine I bleed for the whole week and the symptoms started coming back. The next week I felt fine for a few days and then I became really unwell back to how I was that first weekend of getting the vax. I couldn’t work. I called the Drs who said I was having a delayed and ongoing response to the vaccine side effects and to just increase my paracetamol intake. Since then I have seen 2 additional Drs and all said and agreed my symptoms were due to the vaccine. One of them also submitted a vaccine injury claim to ACC but it was declined as I didn’t meet their criteria of being injured as defined by tissue harm. I’m the 2 months that followed I bleed for 6 weeks and had to have the majority of time off work. There were days I physically couldn’t get out of bed except to go to the bathroom which exhausted me. I ran through my savings due to not recieving pay and had to take out a loan to cover mortgage repayments.
It’s now 5 months since I recieved the vaccination and I’m so happy to be feeling better. I’m also extremely grateful to have an amazing Dr who did his own research and didn’t push me to have another dose. He said if I did choose to have another dose I would have to have it under supervision in the Drs clinic. He also reiterated that even someone fully vaccinated can still get hospitalisation sick and die from covid because I had fully brought in to the government and media fear that you need to be fully vaccinated to not become too sick. He reiterated there just hasn’t been enough research done so they couldn’t say why the vaccine made me so sick and if it would happen again. He said there hasn’t been enough research done to say why it was effecting womens hormones and making females bleed irregularly. He did say there had been research around vitamin D and covid severity though and prescribed me time outside each day to soak up the sun on top of the vitamin D supplement I started taking. It baffles me that the general public aren’t told about this research and it’s just continuous pushing of an experimental vaccine. Being segregated is the hardest part now. I can’t go out with friends or family to cafes, can’t go on date nights with hubby to the movies. I long to get my hair cut and get a massage. I can’t believe that even the library is off limits for me. Worse is reading comments on social media from people who are blinded from propaganda. They think the mandates are fine and people who don’t get vaccinated don’t deserve freedoms and deserve to get sick. The worst is being labelled ‘unvaccinated’. My work has advised anyone unvaccinated has to work from home. I have to remind people I’m not unvaccinated. I’m just not vaccinated ‘enough’. Getting the first dose of the vaccine put me in debt and brought me no freedom only sickness. If I could turn back the clock I would 100% not get vaccinated. I really hope this will all end soon.
Photo: Who_made_this @ pixabay.com (not the woman in the article)

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