This young man has been suicidal due to an adverse reaction three days post CV VX. Trustingly presenting for the experimental CV VX as instructed by the NZ government, he is now being fobbed off by the white coats, a profession I personally have lost respect for. He is paying hundreds of dollars to see specialists who tell him he is suffering from anxiety and that this has nothing to do with the VX.

He endures high pitched tinnitus in his ears literally 24/7, so requires meds to help him sleep at all. He still awakens several times in the night & takes hours to sleep anyway.  Formerly active and cheerful he is now unable to do what he used to do like play guitar and box. Liz Gunn interviews Antony and says she is seeing a similar pattern in other jab victims. Antony was left suffering for 4 hours, alone in the hospital after presenting with these symptoms. He was later released at 4am even with his debilitating symptoms. The medical system has become heartless and cruel as they protect their lucrative careers and fail to speak out with something that is clearly very wrong. Listen to Antony at the link. And ponder carefully on all of this if you are considering taking the experimental jab. TWNZ


Antony Mo intended to end his life - because of his jab injuries. Please support him

From Liz Gunn @ FreeNZ

Antony Mo used to love singing, boxing, fitness. He talked quickly and with energy.

On Sept 13 2021 his life changed.

He has suffered terrible side effects and has a vaccine-induced sense of doom & anxiety,

along with the torture of non-stop, high-pitched tinnitus.

This is his story.

Please support him if you can.

Please consider donating to help Antony Mo's medical costs:
Antony Mo

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