What further confirmation do you need folks? The jab that was touted would save us from sickness & death? Doesn't  look too effective to me? Or safe for that matter. For the cause right? So much for the trusted 'one source of truth'.  And so much for the vilification of all those who have vehemently defended their right not to be jabbed in this experiment. (See 'related' below the article ... similar situation in Aussie, UK and Canada). EWR

dailyexpose.uk: Shocking statistics recently published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health reveal that the vaccinated population in New Zealand account for 73% of all Covid-19 deaths that have occurred in the country since March 2020 up to the 21st April 2022.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health (NZ MoH) have been publishing a daily ‘Covid-19: Case Demographics‘ report since August 2021, and in it they confirm the number of Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations by vaccination status. However, as of around mid-March 2022 they have also finally included the number of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status.

Here is the table taken from the 22nd April report showing the number of cases and hospitalisations by vaccination status across New Zealand between 16th August 2021 and 21st April 2022 –





Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of the record breaking wave of Covid-19 Deaths across Australia

UK Government refuses to publish further COVID-19 Data because it suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing AIDS & the Double Vaccinated are suffering ADE

Panic in Trudeau’s Canada as Triple Vaccinated have a higher Covid Death-Rate than the Unvaccinated

There was an unexpected 40% increase in 'all cause deaths' in 2021


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