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From Voices for Freedom:

"...what on earth are they keeping from us? It sounds like the Ombudsman is wondering that too. I hear he has sent a "please explain" letter directly to Our Dear Leader"

TWNZ comment:

Ponder on that headline ... this is Voices for Freedom's latest email update and summarizes recent happenings with your beloved 'one source of truth' ... a 'truth source' that holds workshops on how to dodge OIA requests? It's worse than we thought! Perhaps it's timely to add in here a meme that's circulating fb at the moment:

free speech

Voices for Freedom featured majorly recently in a MSM hit piece that actually backfired and upped VFF's subs by 400%! I think people are waking up fast! (Read VFF's update below).

Call me naive, but I didn't expect the Labour Party to go so far as to hold workshops on how to dodge Official Information Act requests.

As I reflected on his disclosure, I thought about two other very recent revelations:
The government cannot prove that the jab provides life-long protection. Because, as is apparent to any thinking person looking at the actual data, it doesn't.
2. A prospective study out of Thailand,recently released as a preprint, found cardiovascular effects in 29.24% of the participants aged 13–18 years, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis. 
Of course, Kiwi "experts" will tell you that heart issues (like the acknowledged connection with the jab and myocarditis) are mostly "mild" and resolve quickly. But, as we've heard from experts like Dr Peter McCullough (remember, he is the most published cardiologist in the US), the concept of mild myocarditis is preposterous. 
Dr McCullough says Heart damage causes scarring, and a scarred heart is unlikely to bode well for future health. (I'm no doctor but this doesn't seem like a difficult concept to grasp.)
Further, some of the teens in the Thailand study had "subclinical" symptoms, aka no apparent symptoms, and the researcher paper concluded by recommending monitoring adolescents receiving mRNA vaccines.
Since we do not appear to have any such monitoring happening in New Zealand, how will we know how many Kiwi kids have suffered similar damage until it's too late to help them?
Denmark has not waited to find out. From 1 July, 2022, other than some children deemed to have an increased risk, it will no longer be possible for Danes under the age of 18 to receive the 1st jab, and from 1 September, 2022, it will no longer be possible to receive the 2nd jab.
Anyway, after learning that our COVID-19 Response Minister (who also happens to be the Associate Minister of Health) was leading Monday's OIA-dodge training; and after getting confirmation they'd lied in print; and upon hearing news about teens and the Pfizer jab – I wondered, what on earth are they keeping from us?
It sounds like the Ombudsman is wondering that too. I hear he has sent a "please explain" letter directly to Our Dear Leader.
Lovely freedom-loving people, there is no shortage of news at the moment, even if you don't count the prominent VFF ads taking up endless space in MSM!
SOURCE: VFF newsletter
(Consider signing up to Voices for Freedom if you haven't already. You can access their large volume of information and expertise at their site ... and join a local VFF group for ongoing action and mutual support. TWNZ)

You can listen to Sharma speaking himself on topic (very short 3min clip):


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