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TWNZ update 18/8/22: June was exceptionally busy according to one Oamaru Funeral Director. See below. A link at the end of article here refers to an update from seemorerocks saying council has cited 'weather' as the reason... but doesn't explain how:

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Those 94 graves appeared in just 12 months. Are you watching these scenarios in your town? Please do comment here &/or at seemorerocks. I personally am hearing similar from friends and family. It is all getting harder to deny ... the death rate. The carnage. It is very sad... and very serious. This is, as has been pointed out frequently elsewhere, DEMOCIDE. Take care and listen to the independent health professionals who sounded the alarm on this long before it was ever rolled out. Read the archives at the site, search the independent video channels (Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute etc). There are MDs galore there sounding the alarm ... all silenced by their respective complicit governments. Complicit with the WHO, WEF agenda.  TWNZ


Oamaru is a small town in the South Island of New Zealand with a population of 13,000

How can a town that size have 94 freshly-dug graves that don’t even have headstones yet?


It has been. pointed out that this is only burials and not cremations. 

You would have to be a special sort of person not to have noticed how many, mainly elderly, folk are dying.

Just in our own circle we are overwhelmed by reports of deaths and people saying that they have lost a lot of their clientele over recent months.

Several months ago a friend of ours, a gravedigger was reporting that he had seem a huge increase in the number of people he was burying.

He was sacked for refusing to have the jab.



Oamaru Council: 90 graves “because of bad weather”




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