hand flicking vaccine needle

I recently did a survey on "overnight autism" cases and found that 33% happened 1 day after a vax shot and 50% happened within the first 3 days after a vax shot. So there is absolutely no doubt vaccines cause autism in my mind. This post, written by my friend "A Midwestern Doctor," goes into detail as to possible mechanisms for how this happens. - Steve Kirsch


One of the most challenging things for me throughout my time in the medical field has been watching children become neurologically damaged by vaccines, and the widespread blindness of the medical profession to this issue.  Unfortunately, because so much money has been spent to engineer the societal belief that vaccines do not cause autism, anyone that asserts otherwise is immediately subject to widespread ridicule, to the point it’s mostly a lost cause to convince medical professionals vaccines aren’t always safe. In many cases, the only thing that can open their eyes is their own child being severely injured.



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