Rather than talk to Pro-Festers at Parliament Grounds Freedom Village, the NZ corporation parading as government, desperate to be rid of them, have had Police block servicing of the portaloos. Not to be outdone, innovative Kiwis (as always) have simply built their own & titled them 'The Peehive', Plumbers and builders who are part of the village having stepped up. Folk have even planted gardens there. See the link below the Peehive video for a short overview of what they are doing there. Unfortunately it is a mainstream propaganda piece as in they slant it against the profesters, nevertheless you get to hear the heart of those three amazing Voices For Freedom women. This article gives you a good photographic overview of what is happening there.TWNZ
AN UPDATE: Profesters also built a small shower block on wheels which the Police took away, bearing riot gear at 12.30am in the morning! "The police continue their psychologically traumatising tactics" says one observer. They are certainly choosing the cover of night to apply pressure.


Police are being difficult in regard to access of portaloo truck to empty the toilets. Work is now well underway building timber toilet outhouse building’s with flushing toilet suites connected into the localised sewer/manhole. The white tank pictured (off a small sucker truck) will pump out the portaloos when required, again, straight into the sewer main manhole.
Police were spotted filming the latest modifications. I’m sure they realise by now how resourceful we are as people here in the land of the long white cloud
What a pity Melanie Reid didn't take a leaf out of Liz Gunn's book and publish some truth about the now well documented Vaccine injuries and deaths. A brief visit to the Health Forum NZ's tent at Parliament grounds would prove that beyond all doubt. They have all the citizen's register figures and many testimonials of the trauma people experience, gaslighted because they dare to suggest it is the 'safe and effective' and 'government approved' vaccine that caused their injuries. Hear Lynda Wharton on that. ACC have received many thousands of claims.
But no, unfortunately mainstream journos prefer to not investigate those uncomfortable truths and lose their careers and salaries for doing so.  Long ago sold out sadly.
WATCH AT THE LINK BELOW ... you will also get a view of what the village has achieved in their two short weeks in residence.

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