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: To say that a 10,000 page document dump from the FDA is "small" sounds a bit strange.

Truth is, it's a drop in the bucket of what is coming down the pike. There are about 450,000 total pages in the hands of the FDA.

It's the first batch of documents released by the FDA regarding Pfizers C0V!D jab creation, safety research trials and FDA approval process.

I'll tell you what... The results are unpleasant.

Keep in mind, Pfizer has worked very hard to keep these documents from ever seeing the light of day. Or at least trying to push them down the road MANY DECADES.|

That effort failed.

Here's a short sampling of what we've learned from the first batch...

 *1,223 fatalities and 42,086 reports of injury in the first three months. 

Want to know what is most alarming about the disregard of those numbers? Consider that the 1976 swine flu vaccine was pulled after only 25 deaths.

 *Recording patients with Type 2 Diabetes in the "Healthy Population" category of trials.

 *Series of Adverse Events (SAE) data left blank.

 *Samples with missing barcodes so they can not be identified.

 *Doses administered outside the protocol window.

 *Adverse events listed as "Not Serious" despite patients requiring extended hospital stays.

Here is a link to a very helpful breakdown of what was found in this batch of documents.

If you're feeling particularly curious, all 10,000 pages are available if you want to dive into that.

You can get all of it, just follow the link HERE.

I'm wide eyed by what we're already learning. And to think there are another 440,000 pages remaining to be released...

To your health,

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