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"All day every day I'm swimming in a sea of hurting New Zealanders..."

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I agree, somedays it does feel like Aotearoa is lost forever. Read on.........Reposted: 'All day every day I'm swimming in a sea of hurting New Zealanders...
Many of them hurting because they did what they thought was the "right thing", and they had their CV V.
They believed that the worst that could happen would be a sore arm, a headache and a temp for 24 hours.
Now they are left living with the legacy of blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, and heart inflammation.
They are invisible.  They are scorned.  They are doubted and called "antivaxxers" (seriously....what?....they had the vax!!).
On Sunday night our kind and transparent Prime Minister invited New Zealanders to share their stories of any Covid V reaction.
The post exploded into a hot sweat of angst, pain, and anguish.
Over 20,000 comments in the first 24 hours.

As fast as the stories of injury and death were being typed, their comments were being censored and removed.

Their stories have not been acknowledged in any way by our Government.  
Monday morning the PM was on breakfast TV telling all New Zealanders to have the jab.
Today, our supposed independent media stooped to new lows with the publication of this horror story of gaslighting.
To the hundreds and hundreds of New Zealanders who had the courage to share their painful story, and bare their vulnerability....
I can only imagine the anguish you must feel right now.
First to have been censored from the page of our "kind" Prime Minister who ASKED you to share your story....and then looked the other way.
And then to have been "trashed", with the implication that you are a liar, by our seemingly "state owned" media.
I want you to know that at least 28,000 of us gathered here, hear you and believe you.
We see this for what it is....callous and cruel censorship, and gaslighting.
Some days it feels like New Zealand is lost forever.'
Lynda Wharton.

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