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Retired NZ Medical Doctor, Dr Alanna Ratna writes a scathing letter to the NZ Medical Council. This was recently posted in its entirety. However I am posting parts of it to emphasize some of the shocking statistics contained therein. This one in particular concerns the jab being recommended by the said council for pregnant women. You can read the whole letter at this link:

To all of the members of the MCNZ, I am so pleased that you contacted me. I have been meaning to write to you for some time now but I have had more important issues to deal with first. I’m very pleased that you saw my speeches and my Face Book page. I hope that you have learnt something from them, as it seems that your knowledge about Covid management is painfully lacking. You appear to be well behind in your scientific approach to the situation, especially with the vaccine mechanism of action and side effects...

But the most appalling part of all is how you promote the vaccine to pregnant women. You are completely and utterly wrong when you claim it is safe and effective in pregnancy and breast feeding. I would actually go further and say that you are criminally negligent in this matter.

The statistics showed us earlier in the year that there was an 82 percent miscarriage rate in the first trimester, which the researchers tried unsuccessfully to cover up. This study has been re-done and was published this week. It shows that the first trimester miscarriage rate is 81-91 percent.

This has been illustrated at the ground level with local midwives losing full month case loads to mothers being vaccinated.

A whole month of expected births miscarried due to your advice – and that is just one midwife in one town.

There will be similar scenarios throughout the country.

As well as this the still birth rate has rocketed.

Usually there are 114 still births per year for the entire country but in just two weeks Hastings alone had 9 still births in vaccinated mothers who were following your advice to get the vaccine.

You are responsible for the death of those babies.

You have blood on your hands.



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