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Further to my signing out post, below are some bits and pieces rounding off the narrative as it stands right now. The ‘official’ one I mean. Plus some links and comments for those who have made contact with me over the years.

I began this blog away back in 2014, just when I had awakened to many environmental hazards that I’d previously known little if anything about. This was also on the heels of my own personal V injury. (A ‘blessing in disguise really as it prepared me for the [not] safe & effective). There was the ‘benign’ Roundup spray they lied about & said we could even drink! …(just like they said 1080 was harmless as salt and vinegar chips!), those trails in the sky laden with barium, strontium, aluminum & who knows what else now (GO?), the hazards of the jabs we parents had long accepted as necessary for good health (also laden with aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and other really really ‘safe’ additives).

All part of the plan of course (see here also) … some will know this… some will still think it is conspiracy. Nevertheless the evidence now pours forth of such an agenda, left right and center. 

It’s fairly clear now with the plan right in plain sight and nary a denial even from those who spun it in the first place. We are already consigned to the basket of owning nothing and (hopefully) being happy. (Personally I’ve been happy with nothing for a while now). I note Harari, adviser to the unelected WEF saying not so long ago that we humans are useless (and hackable) and God is a fiction. Harari has a few surprises coming. There will be nowhere for those so called elites to hide.

With so many awake now the info is coming fast, and world events right on the edge, also part of the plan, as they operate on the ‘problem, reaction, solution’ paradigm, another dis-ease waiting in the wings already. It works for those still sleeping.

The blogs will remain where they are for a while anyway (including envirowatchnz.com) but as a heads up, copy any info you want to keep as who knows, I dare say the time is approaching when the likes of our JA (OST) will have all truth completely scrubbed from the net. It’s already half way done. Add any links you wish to keep to the Way Back Machine (as I already have with many … just pop the link into the ‘save page now’ box at the right, then wait as you will be given a link to keep once completed). I’ll still be contactable via the contact page for anything you can’t find.

I strongly recommend you sub to the site links I regularly posted from. You can still follow their info going forwards. Many now on Substack who post material not accepted (for it’s cutting truth content) elsewhere. The expose-news dot com site is definitely up to speed with events as they happen, a must to follow. They’ve been trying for a long time to shut that one down. For the deeper ‘rabbit hole’ issues, Agent131711’s Substack, also Dr Mark Crispin Miller’s Substack are excellent especially on the ongoing sudden deaths. For chemtrails, Elana Freeland’s site, Clare Swinney’s Northland site and particularly Global Sky Watch. That site is full of very detailed knowledge on topic. There’s also Dane Wigington and many more. Also a must is stopthecrime.net (note, once subbed there their links will frequently disappear or go to your spam, so watch). Deborah Tavares has extensive knowledge of the deeper plan. There is much to explore at her site. And I’ve barely touched on the plandemic links! nzdsos.com, hatchardreport.com, healthimpactnews.com and many more.

There is a large volume of valuable 1080 info on the site also, gathered over 3 years of intensely following this poisoning agenda. It ‘aint safe folks. Why else do you think they lost the heart of that dear unsuspecting young hiker a few years back? Or covered up the poisoning of the unsuspecting Indian family? (See this post especially on one of the likely agendas for 1080). To find the 1080 info look across the main menu (especially for past poisoning cases) and use categories at the left of the page. There’s also much info from when the plandemic began and great articles by Kiwi4Justice (the Christchurch quake and more). Additionally, the Agenda 21/30 info found in categories and at the main menu, particularly that pertaining to NZ. Naomi Jacobs has written about the Fabian Socialist plan and see this article also on Councils, their Trojan horse for gaining control of nearly all nations. Barry Smith’s videos are a must watch too (see this page, near the bottom). I have commented more extensively on his work from the ’70s through to 2002 in the other post.

Another good one for updates on world events and developments is Max Igan at thecrowhouse. He has had his finger on the button since he was 4 years old!! He and David Icke. You may not agree with everything these two say … but they have the nuts and bolts figured of where the plan is pushing (and where it started).

The one topic I have not ever covered is that of the Freeman/Strawman/Sovereignty issue. I am hoping to research that better going forwards as I know many folk are headed down that avenue. Our govts are frauds. They are corporations and cannot govern democratically. Big subject and requires a lot of time … there are local in-person groups popping up though and much online you can learn from. Mary Croft‘s info was where I originally started.

A big thanks anyway to all who have followed the blog and have emailed me over the years, with both encouragement to keep going, and with many valuable links to things I hadn’t spotted myself. Some of those folk I’ve lost touch with (sorry!) … after my old email account closed all that correspondence was lost! Sadly! Please feel free to make contact again. You can also find me here.

Last but not least a huge thanks to all who have sent financial support for the sites. This has been greatly appreciated. At the start it was all free but with the upgrades, yes there were costs so you all helped make ends meet. Thank you!

Wishing you all a safe life journey going forwards…it will get bumpy!… and once again, thank you so much for following and reading my material!

Peace & blessings!



Image by Stan Richards from Pixabay




Image by Stan Richards from Pixabay

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