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After considerable thought, I feel the time is right for me to put aside the blogs. It will be hard to let go, it being something I enjoy doing, nevertheless other priorities call that I need to focus on. As the saying goes, ‘If you chase two rabbits you’ll catch neither of them’.

There is a wealth of info out there now anyway.

On a more serious note (and this is not why I am taking a break) it is clear that things are ramping up quickly. Those pulling the strings are aware that the curtain has been removed and their game is up.

Fifty years ago we in NZ had our own evangelist Barry Smith traveling up and down this nation warning those who would listen, that there was a plan in the pipeline for a one world government. One in which sovereign nations would lose their sovereignty and become slave to a dictatorship, a world leader that the Bible calls the antichrist.

“We are at present working discreetly, with all our might, to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.”                                                       
Arnold Toynbee – International Affairs, p.809, November 1931

Back then, Barry was laughed at by many, but many of us did listen and we have watched carefully as the world events he spoke of unfolded. Yes I heard Barry’s lectures many times and stored away that knowledge, little knowing I would live to likely see the beginnings (and perhaps the end?) of that period in history. Right now the WHO is speaking of just such a regime encapsulated in their proposed renewed pandemic regulations. The Trojan horse for control. Fifteen minute cities, are just another version of a concentration camp, benign and all as they may appear. Those cover stories citing the fake climate change hoax have now worn far too thin.

If you would like to hear the Biblical narrative (and I strongly recommend you do, whether you are a Christian or not) listen to Barry’s three part interview with the UK TV program called Revelation. It is a comprehensive overview. You will find the videos near the bottom of this page.

I believe there is a rocky ride coming … as many are predicting. This is not doom and gloom, just realistic when one looks at what we are dealing with.

I’ve not ever used this platform as an evangelistic tool. It was only ever to alert people to the covert poisoning of our environment, humans included, and to the end game, all found in the Agenda 2030 document (Agenda 21 being its predecessor). I have sprinkled some of Barry’s info between the web pages from time to time though.

The plan, as Barry explained, is contained in the Bible prophecies from Daniel and Revelation. He studied it well … those revelations were what brought him to share the info far and wide to warn his fellow man. He researched this when there was no internet. He gave up a steady teaching income, took his wife and young family with him in a caravan and hit all the small towns (and big) throughout NZ and Australia. Such was the dedication of this man and I honor him for his obedience to God.

God sent him to warn us. If you can get hold of his many books (his family website by that name) he has added a ton of info from news clippings of the day as events were unfolding. NZ was the test case.

With all my heart I believe the Biblical narrative … my life is based upon it. It is why I also warned of things to come. It is clear that things are getting pretty sinister given the mass democide going on, and the overall silence in response to whistleblowers calling it out. I am not of the view we should lie down and submit, as some who reject Biblical teaching on this would think we do. However, I believe there is a great sifting coming. There is a day coming when we will be required to give account for our lives and our actions. There are many clearly who could have spoken out and haven’t (yet) who otherwise have blood on their hands. Be it on their heads.

I am going to sign out at this point. I will post shortly a revision of events and recommended links going forwards.

I am an artist … my art is that ‘other rabbit’ I will be focusing on. I will be posting here.

PS, I will post shortly as mentioned with links and so on, and will leave the blogs where they are for now.

Peace & blessings!


Do not fear: Matthew 10:27-29

Image by Victoria from Pixabay

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