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At the end of July this year we had schools thrust into lockdown with alleged bomb threats and disturbing things happening within those schools – all in the name of protection. You can read about those at this link. Since then we’ve had an ear to the ground as they are a likely sign of things to come. The increasing number of incidents is confirming that.

It’s also evident that schools have been having the required practice drills in preparedness for an emergency of the kinds that occurred in July. Whilst it is good to be prepared, as with any fire drill, nevertheless these weapon or bomb type scenarios have the potential to be very frightening. It is well to discuss them with your children so they are prepared. A parent who contacted us this week after one of those imposed lockdowns in a Taupo high school on the 22nd said their child was shaken by what happened.

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Mark Crispin Miller

​We cannot trust, and so must not allow, this venture, since (a) it's Pfizer, (b) most vaccines out there today are full of neurotoxins, and (c) neither Big Pharma nor the medical establishment has ever shown the slightest interest in dealing rightly with the real pandemic that is Lyme disease (as I myself,  a longtime Lyme sufferer, observe in the quote that ends this article).  

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Mark Crispin Miller

A detailed summary of the fires and explosions that have lately cut the US food supply:

Food shortage—by design

The impact of such sabotage has been augmented by the ongoing massacre of poultry all around the world, to “slow the spread” of “bird flu” (a drastic step based on another criminal misuse of PCR for diagnostic purposes):

Bird Flu Has Led to Over 22M Chickens, Turkeys Being Culled in U.S.

“President Biden” is now paying farmers not to farm (while Bill Gates snaps up ever more farmland in the US and elsewhere).


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Mark Crispin Miller

Note his logic: “We didn’t know then that COVID’s really just a flu; so it was pretty scary that the world, including the United States, didn’t go on alert nearly as fast as it needed to.”

And yet, funnily enough, Dr. Fauci, of all people, did know that COVID is ‘kind of like flu,” as he noted in February, 2020. So Gates’s “experts” weren’t in touch with Dr. Fauci?

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..."You really couldn’t make it up, could you?"

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Why do I blame the conspirators? Well, when NATO put a missile base just 100 miles from the Russian border they must have known they were poking pins into the Russian bear. Didn’t anyone think ‘Cuba’? And just to make sure that there was a decent war, Biden supplied Ukraine with missiles to fire at the Russians.

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Former TV1 presenter Liz Gunn interviews Winston Peters on the two year trespass notice issued to him recently by Trevor Mallard. A frank and honest discussion that reflects how many NZers are feeling right now about current events and the direction our country is taking. TWNZ

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